No More Mr. Nice Guy

CANNABIS CULTURE – Just three days after I did my last episode of Pot TV’s Time to Grow with Opus LIVE, called “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, I already had to deal with a narrow-minded, uneducated person who thinks they know what they are talking about but obviously doesn’t.
Last week I had the pleasure of reading an activist’s blog with the title ‘When being “nice” is no longer an option’, where the writer made some very valid points; the main one being that as cannabis users, medical or recreational, we have sat by for too long and accepted being labelled as scofflaws, criminals, lazy, and a host of other hold-over terms from years of prohibitionist bullshit – and that sugarcoating things only hurts us instead of helping.
Now, thousands of ill and suffering Canadians who have been lucky enough (as if being sick is lucky) to find a doctor to sign their MMAR forms, and invested the time and money to grow their own meds, are losing the right to do so and will soon be forced to buy from large-scale producers at up to three times the cost of doing it themselves. This coupled with the Conservatives’ mandatory minimum sentencing for growing over six marijuana plants and even more time for making hash, oils, or edibles; we have a real fight on our hands – and we are not going to win it by being nice.

The Conservative government is threatening all of us and it’s time to get angry.
While collecting signatures for the Sensible BC decrim campaign a neighbour of mine asked me if I thought more people “getting high” and “being in “la-la land” was a good idea.

I asked her right away if she had any medical training and what exactly “la-la land” meant.

She replied she didn’t, but had “seen” people who smoke marijuana and we’re “out of their minds.”

I told her that I smoke marijuana every day and go about all kinds of tasks like paying bills, shopping, driving my truck and asked if she thought I was in “la-la land.”
At that point she lost it and asked me point blank: “You smoke marijuana and drive?”

“Yes,” I told her, “I smoke everyday and yes I drive.”

At that, she told me she was going directly to the police to report me. I said “go ahead.”

If it wasn’t for the fact I was representing Sensible BC, I know I would have challenged her about her lack of intelligence and narrow-minded selfish views.

The time for being nice is over.
Do I worry about the police bothering me for my marijuana use and driving? Absolutely not, I would never drive if I thought I was too high to do so and, in fact, my choice of medical treatment allows me to have a better quality of life that includes driving.
I had a professional licence for over 10 years with a BC government-certified air brake endorsement and I puffed tough all along, spent more than four years driving a taxi as an owner/operator/known pothead and never had any problems. and Even as I write this, I still have a squeaky-clean drivers’ abstract and I drive well over 20,000 km a year, much of it on mountainous Vancouver Island highways in poor weather.
When we are silent about our pot use we let the prohibitionists get stronger. When we smile knowingly and make excuses for others’ who spew lies and rhetoric, prohibition wins.

It’s all of our duties to openly challenge these people, point and tell them in a loud voice that they are wrong!

There are many good short facts and talking points. Arm yourself with a few and publicly bitchslap the next idiot who openly makes anti-marijuana remarks. Practice makes perfect.

We owe it to the thousands of Canadians who are locked up for marijuana “crimes” in Canada every year, and the many others who manage to avoid jail time but end up paying hefty lawyers’ bills or have their children taken from (or the countless other ways cannabis prohibition is destroying normal, hard working and otherwise law abiding Canadians lives).
No more Mr. Nice Guy. It’s time to strike back and speak out. Puff hard, puff loud, puff tough and puff proud.
Cultivate Freedom.