New Medical Marijuana Rule About to Face Lawsuit

Long-time Fraser Valley marijuana crusader John Conroy is finalizing a lawsuit accusing Ottawa of infringing on the rights of medical pot users and growers.

He and a handful of other lawyers working on the lawsuit to be filed in Federal Court within weeks have reviewed more than 3,000 victim impact statements from across the country to pick the 15 best representatives.

Conroy says the new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations recently adopted by Health Canada violate several sections of the constitution. In particular, he claims the radical changes introduced by Ottawa to end home-growing and designated production will unduly restrict the safe access by patients to their medication.

“The suit has taken longer to frame than expected,” Conroy said.

“Still, we’re going to be looking for injunctive relief so that after March 31 — when the new rules come into effect — the status quo is maintained until after the court ruling so there is no damage done to these people and they have a supply of medicine.”

Approved patients — 60 to 70 per cent of whom are on fixed disability pensions — are going to suffer under the new regime, Conroy explained, because they will no longer be able to grow their own medicine nor use a designated grower.

The soon-to-be-available medical marijuana will be too expensive, he added.

Under the new program that starts in the spring, patients will be forced to purchase pot from licensed producers who will distribute various strains of dried cannabis by mail for an estimated price of between $8 and $10 a gram.

Most can grow their own for between $1 and $4 a gram, Conroy said.

“Thousands and thousands of patients are approved to use more than 10 grams a day — that’s $100 a day at the new rates. No one can afford that,” Conroy said.

“We’re not asking the government to spend money and support these people. We’re just asking they be allowed to keep doing what they have been allowed to do. We think they should at the very least grandfather-in the current personal production licences.”

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  1. BABA KHAN on

    plz refer to KANNEH BOSOM @ CHRISTLAM TQ

  2. Michelle on

    I don’t even think they thought about people on fixed incomes at all and why are they still approving licenses… could it be a cash garb I think so. My father is on a fixed income and he is not going to be able to afford this new “pot”…. like he said he will just go back to using an illegal dealers because he might be able to afford it that way “maybe”, but right now as it is he is having a hard time affording his power bills and the stuff he needs to grow and when they make it illegal to grow he will still have his bills and now he has to add an extra 5 to 7 dollars a gram through the government…. not fair that Harper has taken this as a personal vendetta to eradicate all pot growers because he thinks they supply the illegal dealers. some do I know this but most don’t and all that these new laws are going to do is make more money for the illegal dealer. If you want to solve the problem make it legal

    just my thoughts

  3. Anonymous on

    Really? There needs to be changes because people are breaking the rules? Well our current Gov breaks the rules all the time! What are they doing about that? What about the election fraud we know got our PM elected? Why don’t we change him?

    Rules get broken all the time, that is why we have enforcement measures! To take away everyone’s right to grow because some break the rules would be like taking away cars because some people drive fast and kill people. Or take away alcohol again ( we all know what happened last time) because many people abuse it and hurt others and kill people!

    How about all these chemical pills big Pharma is pumping out? millions of people every year become addicted and 10’s of 1000’s die every year and these destroy families and lives, why are they still around?

    MJ should never have been illegal! It is only because the powers that be don’t want us to be healthy. The oil, paper, cotton, food, and building industries don’t want the by-products to put them all out of business.

    Even the bible ( not that this is a 100% reliable book) says that every plant was put here by God for us to have and use…. This plant has been around for 1000’s of years and causes no deaths anywhere! Up until the 1930’s MJ was the most prescribed medicine treating all sorts of ailments! That was until big biz realized it was more profitable to keep us functionally sick!

    I’m sorry, I just felt the need to slap that troll comment in the face!

  4. dr zeuss on

    fweedom is not having to buy vegetables and herbs from somewhere else but the right to grow them yourselves, cannabis included…

  5. patient becoming impatient on

    this is interesting

  6. Anonymous on

    w w w dailymail co uk / health/article-179264/Cannabis-kills-30-000-year . html

  7. Low Rider on

    Canadians have been spoiled by products that have been available on the open market for years. I suspect that even M.M. users will be forced back to the black market to get their quality. An interested bystander.

  8. BrianKerr on

    The change is to make cannabis legal for everybody. why do you have a problem with the breaking of an immoral law ?

  9. Anonymous on

    There needs to be changes. There is a VERY high percentage of growers breaking the rules and needs to stop.