Mainstream Media Hypes Tomorrow’s Free Marc Emery Parliament Takeover

CANNABIS CULTURE – Canada’s mainstream media has picked up the story: Opposition MPs will hold a press conference on Parliament Hill in Ottawa tomorrow morning with Jodie Emery, wife of imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery, to ask the government for the Prince of Pot’s return home.

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Check out some of the coverage:

Campaign ramping up to get ‘Prince of Pot’ back to Canada from jail in Mississippi

Cheryl Chan, The Province

Supporters of B.C.’s “Prince of Pot” are taking their campaign to bring Marc Emery home to Parliament Hill.

Jodie Emery will hold a news conference Tuesday in Ottawa with members of opposition parties to appeal for her husband’s return to Canada.

“We are going to be asking the Canadian government to transfer Marc home,” said Jodie, a pot activist in her own right. “The U.S. government has already said he is able to return home … This is a question of the value of Canadian citizenship, and whether (the Canadian government) would recognize that.”

Lending their support to the campaign are NDP deputy leader Libby Davies, Green MP Elizabeth May and Liberal public safety critic Wayne Easter, who are all expected to attend the news conference.

Emery is serving a five-year prison term for selling marijuana seeds to U.S. customers from his downtown Vancouver hemp shop.

The U.S. denied Emery’s request for a transfer to a Canadian prison in 2011, but gave the green light in July. Ottawa has given no indication whether it will allow Emery back into the country to serve the remainder of his jail term.

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MPs seek transfer of Prince of Pot Marc Emery to Canadian prison

Mike Hager, Vancouver Sun

Jodie Emery and several opposition MPs are holding a joint news conference at Ottawa’s Parliament buildings Tuesday morning calling on the Conservative government to let her marijuana activist husband Marc serve out his prison sentence in Canada.

Vancouver East New Democrat MP Libby Davies, Liberal public safety critic Wayne Easter and Green Party leader Elizabeth May are also calling on Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney to approve the transfer of Vancouver’s “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery from federal prison in the U.S., where he has been in jail since 2010 for selling millions of dollars of marijuana seeds.

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Politicians back fight for Marc Emery to return to Canada

News 1130

It seems the Princess of Pot has some friends in high places.

Jodie Emery is in Ottawa this week to try to persuade the federal government to bring her husband Marc back to Canada from an American prison.

She has convinced NDP MP Libby Davies, Green Party MP Elizabeth May, and Liberal MP Wayne Easter to be with her tomorrow when she makes her plea.

“This isn’t about legalization or drug policy or Marc Emery being a marijuana activist,” Jodie Emery tells News1130.

“It’s simply that as a Canadian, he is entitled to come home. The United States has said he should come home. I hope that the Harper government will agree that transferring Marc to a Canadian prison won’t put anyone at risk and won’t endorse the legalization of marijuana.”

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‘Prince of Pot’ Marc Emery’s wife tries honey in bid for jailed husband’s return to Canada

Matthew Coutts, Yahoo! News

Supporters of a Canadian marijuana activist being held in a U.S. prison are being called on to pressure the government to bring him home, with the wife of “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery urging supporters to inundate the Ministry of Public Safety with phone calls asking for the government to approve an idle transfer request.

Jodie Emery will stand in the heart of enemy territory on Tuesday and politely ask that the Canadian government sign the paperwork that will allow her husband to serve the remainder of his sentence on Canadian soil. She will be backed by NDP MP Libby Davis, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Liberal Public Safety Critic Wayne Easter.

Jodie Emery has been campaigning for her husband’s return to Canada since he was first extradited to the U.S. in 2010 after receiving a five-year sentence for selling marijuana seeds through the mail. It has been three years without movement, but hopes were raised earlier this year when the U.S. government approved the transfer request, leaving it to its Canadian counterparts to finalize the paperwork.

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Wife, Opposition pressure government over Marc Emery transfer

Matt Kieltyka, Metro

Marc Emery wants to come home.

The U.S. government agreed in April to transfer the “Prince of Pot” – currently serving a five-year federal sentence for selling marijuana seeds over the Internet – to Canada.

Yet, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney has to date refused to sign off on the transfer or publicly comment on it.

With Emery’s early release date of July 9, 2014 fast approaching, his wife Jodie and opposition MPs (in the form of the NDP’s Libby Davies, Liberal’s Wayne Easter and Green’s Elizabeth May) are taking to the steps of Parliament Tuesday to demand action.

“[Marc] is so anxious to go home, the U.S. government wants him to go,” Jodie Emery told Metro. “This isn’t about Marc Emery wanting to legalize pot, it’s about a Canadian citizen who has the right to come home.”

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Jodie Emery heading to Ottawa to fight for husband’s return

Jesse Johnston, News 1130

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A well-known marijuana advocate is on her way to Ottawa to try and persuade the Canadian government to bring her husband home from an American prison.

Jodie Emery has made some political friends who are going to help her out. She’s leaving for Ottawa today, and tomorrow she’ll be flanked by three politicians when she’ll ask to bring Marc Emery back to Canada. “I’ve got the backing of opposition parties in the form of Libby Davies with the NDP, Elizabeth May with the Greens, and the former Public Safety Minister Wayne Easter with the Liberals.”

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