Fox Blasts Calderon Over Mexico’s Drug War

Legalization of drugs would end the gangland violence that has cost tens of thousands of lives in Mexico, former President Vicente Fox said, blaming successor Felipe Calderon for the carnage.

Calderon “does have something to hide: 80,000 deaths in his (2006-2012) administration,” Fox told the Spanish publication Que when asked about his successor’s call for Mexico to formally protest U.S. spying on Mexican officials.

As for whether legalization would end Mexico’s problem with drug violence, Fox said: “Certainly, it would be the grand solution.”

“The United Nations is already moving in that direction,” Fox said. “We are all saying that we must end prohibition and move to a phase of (drug) regulation.”

Fox and Calderon both belong to the conservative National Action Party, or PAN.

Though Fox was hardly soft on Mexico’s drug cartels, Calderon militarized and vastly escalated the campaign against the drug trade, resulting in an unprecedented explosion of violence.

– Read the entire article at Latin American Herald Tribune.



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    If Fox News objects that’s the real seal of approval that Mexicos ex is doing the right thing.

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    it’s gonna be fucked up when I am gonna be able to smoke spliffs of goodness anywhere, anytime

    believe it or not, it makes me a much more productive and compassionate human being