CanniMed Not Ready To Sell Medical Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE – Canadians seeking relief by accessing Health Canada’s new med pot program won’t be able to buy their medicine until late December. Despite all the media hype around the birthing of a private industry, there’s actually nothing for sale.

Just media press releases. I spoke excitedly with the first private supplier Cannimed on Tuesday, September 24, the day after their press release came out, about registering to purchase their product.

“We’re not exactly ready to go yet,” I was told. “Our program is not up and running and we don’t have a way to register clients at this time.”

To be clear, I explained to them that I have the required medical document, wanted to send it to them today, and needed to buy from them immediately to treat my brain tumor.

So, when exactly will they be registering patients?

“The late fall,” CanniMed’s receptionists said. Seeking further clarification, I was informed, “by mid December.”

Wait a second here. When you obtain a medical documentation in the MMPR you are legally allowed to purchase marihuana immediately. I have the documentation – my legal counsel agrees and so does the federal Crown in R v. Mernagh – but now I don’t have a supplier.

I need to buy my meds!

However, the private system setup by Health Canada doesn’t appear to want to sell me meds until late December. What am I supposed to do until then? Have seizures? Live with horrible pain? Break the law? CanniMed and the Crown both suggested applying under the old regime, which was ending in than six days away.

As of Tuesday, Oct. 1 Health Canada says I may choose to “register with a licensed producer” via their new program or use the old application to buy from them. I want to register in the new program because the form appears easier. Only time will tell if the lofty predictions will come true.

Funnily, the fed’s supplier is Prairie Plant Systems who also supplies CanniMed. PPS have a dubious history that I’ve been writing about since 2004.

Health Canada is going to have to speed-up the process of licensing producers. Yesterday an announcement was made regarding MediJean, but when they begin retailing it’s not known yet.

Maybe Health Canada wants their old friends to have a competitive advantage to sell what many believe is bunk bud. The media claim it’s a “free market,” but the reality is there’s currently only one retailer.

Apparently people entering the new program are going to have to wait for the private suppliers to get their businesses up and running before registering.

This is not acceptable.



  1. Dave on

    I’d like to see PPS’s list of shareholders; wonder how many are Harper Conservatives?

  2. awesomesound on

    Health Canada is in violation of every court ruling we the patients have won, including a patients consitutional right to Access Cannabis as a Medicine.

  3. dr zeuss on

    so many disoriented, intellect gone, they see marihuana as power and wealth, whilst the truth of the matter’s they’re as mad as a hatter, cause cannabis is about life itself!

  4. MMAR on

    Im dying to ask them what is thier return policy? Lol