Enter the CannaBus: Sensible BC Hits the Road for Marijuana Decrim Drive

CANNABIS CULTURE – All aboard! The campaign to decriminalize marijuana in British Columbia is now officially underway and the Sensible BC CannaBus is on the road collecting signatures to put cannabis on the ballot.

“This is a beautiful bus,” Sensible BC Director Dana Larsen told the press on September 9, “it’s been donated to our campaign, we’re going to use it for the next three months … and it’s really going to be a wonderful mobile sign-up station and a billboard for our campaign. People are going to get excited when they see this bus and they’re going to come running over to sign up. I think it’s really going to make a huge difference for our campaign’s visibility.”

September 9 was the launch date of Sensible BC’s three-month drive to collect 10% of the signatures of voters in every riding in the province. If successful, BC voters will be asked to decide by ballot if marijuana should be decriminalized by denying local police resources for law enforcement.

“This is an issue who’s time has come,” Larsen said. “The vast majority of British Columbians want to see a change in the marijuana laws and don’t want to see their taxpayer dollars going towards arresting and convicting people for marijuana possession. But our politicians in BC aren’t responding to the people on this issue so we want to have a referendum to force this on to the ballot so that we can have our voice heard.”

Watch video of the CannaBus launch from Pot TV:

See the Cannabis Culture CannaBus photo gallery on Flickr:

Visit SensibleBC.ca for all the info on the campaign.

Become a canvasser today and see how many signatures you can collect!

Photos and video by Jeremiah Vandermeer.