HEMP Party In Australia Launches Official Campaign For Legalization of Marijuana

The Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party of Australia officially launched its election campaign on Monday in Sydney’s Hyde Park. Party representatives including HEMP president Michael Balderstone were on hand to call for the regulated sale of cannabis to the public.

“The HEMP Party is an organisation with the aim of endorsing candidates to contest elections to the Federal Parliament of Australia,” states the party’s website. “Any person on the electoral roll and eligible to vote in elections to the Parliament is eligible to become a member of the HEMP Party. There are no initial or annual membership fees.”

Currently in Australia, hemp products are legally grown under license for industrial purposes; however, sale is still restricted from consumers, Reuters reported. Jenn Lea, who suffers from both breast cancer and chronic regional pain syndrome, joined HEMP in distributing leaflets explaining the Party’s stance on marijuana legalization.

– Read the entire article at Medical Daily.



  1. Anonymous on

    Look at california they show it works look after sick people wwith medicine that isnt full off unnatural chemicals

  2. Anonymous on

    Only THC containing, and living (inc unsterilized seed), hemp products are illegal for consumers to possess in Australia.

    And Reuters is the largest info source for news angencies worldwide!!!