Tim Hortons Bans Sensible BC

The Sensible BC campaign is not welcome at Tim Hortons: not at its coffee shops, and until recently, not on its customers’ laptops.

Sensible BC Director Dana Larsen will appear on tomorrow’s episode of Cannabis Culture News LIVE to discuss the latest about Tim Hortons’ Sensible BC ban. Watch it at 4PM PT, September 6 on Pot TV.

That’s the message Dana Larsen is getting after he learned that the website for his campaign to decriminalize marijuana had been blocked on the coffee franchise’s WiFi networks, only days after being told not to hold meetings at its restaurants.

Larsen recently completed a tour of approximately 40 stops in B.C.’s Interior and on Vancouver Island, where he held campaign meetings at various coffee shops including Tim Hortons in Port Alberni and Victoria.

Two weeks ago he got a call from the company’s head office to stop meeting at its coffee shops.

“I went online and checked meetings at Tim Hortons and there’s plenty of people out there advertising that they’re meeting at Tim Hortons with all kinds of meeting groups,” Larsen told The Huffington Post B.C. at a Vancouver campaign event on Wednesday night.

“I don’t know exactly why they singled us out.”

About a week later a supporter told him that he couldn’t access the campaign’s website on the Tim Hortons WiFi network.

– Read the entire article at The Huffington Post.



  1. Low Rider on

    Isn’t owner Ron Joyce living the high life of a Saudi Royal playboy while Tim Horton’s widow died basically penniless. I’ll pass on the coffee, though. It isn’t even real.

  2. Anonymous on

    Hey man got any THC

  3. Anonymous on

    That’s it no more THC for me man

  4. MacDude on

    I’ll be boycotting Tim Hortens in Nova Scotia, as will all my friends who found out about this.

  5. Capitalg on

    Never did like Timmys very much anyway…but to avoid it altogether for being such childish, politically motivated buttwads will be a pleasure…stay the course Sensible B.C., hope it catches on over here in the east…Sensible NL?…

  6. CanadianGiant on

    Even though I live in a different province than B.C., I am boycotting Tim Hortons over their stance on Sensible B.C.
    Free Marc Emery !