Marc Emery Clarifies Comments About Smoking Pot with Justin Trudeau

The “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery has apologized for claiming to have smoked marijuana with Justin Trudeau several times. He now insists it was only once — a claim Trudeau denies.

The Liberal leader’s revelation on Thursday that he had smoked marijuana “five or six times” in his life, including once as an MP, has been the political story of the week. However, it also popularized a video from 2009 in which Emery appears to say he had smoked marijuana with Trudeau on a handful of occasions.

In a filmed public appearance, Emery told supporters the young Liberal MP was a hypocrite for voting for Bill C-15, which would have imposed mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences including marijuana.

Trudeau “has smoked with me four or five times,” Emery said, “so it really pisses me off when I see Justin Trudeau, who took big gaggers with me, is in Parliament actually voting for Bill C-15.”

Now Emery has clarified, telling Sun Media he was wrong in his on-stage rant.

“I am indeed recorded telling a falsehood that until now, I was unaware was out there. I’m totally embarrassed about it. I take my reputation very seriously, as of course, does Mr. Trudeau, and I’m really saddened that I have caused him some grief by this clear misrepresentation,” read an emailed response to the news agency.

Trudeau has maintained that he only met Emery once, in a meeting where the pot activist smoked but Trudeau abstained.

“I’ve never done it except with people I know and trust. And Marc Emery was someone I met but certainly not someone I ever thought of smoking with,” Sun News quoted Trudeau as saying at a Quebec press conference this week.

Emery, currently serving time in an American federal prison for distributing marijuana seeds through the mail, still maintains the two smoked up once in 2003.

Emery, via his wife Jodie, published a new blog post at Cannabis Culture late Saturday explaining the discrepancy.

“But I have only smoked pot on one occasion with Justin Trudeau,” said Emery. “The ’4 or 5 times’ is four or five times that evening.”

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    Marc: this is counterproductive. Trudeau is the great white hope. Let’s all work together to bring about the freedoms that all Canadians deserve.