Christie Will Sign Medical Marijuana Bill If Changes Made

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) on Friday said he will approve a new medical marijuana bill that would allow children to use the treatment — if the state legislature makes key changes to the measure.

Christie agreed with two parts of the bill: that children should have access to edible marijuana, and increasing the number of strains that can be cultivated for use as medical marijuana. Currently, only three strains can be used.

Christie, though, is asking the legislature to keep the existing requirement that two doctors must sign off on marijuana treatment for children. The bill would have required only one.

“While many will disagree with the decision to allow minors access to marijuana, even for serious illnesses, parents should remain empowered to make a choice based on their own reflections, study, and physician consultation,” Christie said in his response to the legislature.

Medical marijuana is already legal in New Jersey, but the bill sought to increase access to it — particularly for children with debilitating illnesses. Christie was confronted Thursday by a man who pleaded with him to sign the bill in order to save his daughter.

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  1. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    It’s the federal government’s fault that there are no effective cannabis-based pharmaceuticals for Dravet because they’re standing in the way of the research into cures and better treatments and huge profits for Big Pharma.

  2. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    New Jersey’s starting off super strict, and tweaking its cannabis laws with baby steps. Next tweak it so that adults with Dravet are not forced to smoke or vaporize and can have edibles, too.