Michigan Panel Denies Autism, Asthma As Eligible Conditions For Medical Marijuana Use

It pains Jenny Allen to see her 6-year-old autistic son bang his head against the floor and bite himself, knowing there is little she can do to calm him.

After her son was diagnosed with autism at age 2, the Lansing woman placed him on a variety of diets, psychiatric therapies and medications, but they did little to mitigate his symptoms. She had long hoped she could one day try medical marijuana as a treatment — perhaps put some of the herb into a brownie to see if it helps her son.

Tuesday, she said, that hope was dashed as she watched the Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel reject a petition to add autism as an eligible condition for which medical marijuana can be used in the state. The vote was 2-7 against; one panel member was absent.

“I’m incredibly disappointed,” Allen, 32 said after the meeting. “The decision on autism was incredibly poorly informed.”

The ruling was among the first actions taken by the newly reconstituted panel — three months after the state disbanded it because the state Licensing and Regulatory Authority didn’t follow state administrative rules when it appointed the group. It was mandated by Michigan’s 2008 medical marijuana law, and state officials missed a statutory deadline to appoint its members by three years.

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    i am amazed that CC has not covered the new Michigan ban on all concentrates, no hash,BHO,butter,keef or any other concentrates is considered a felony under Michigan law…