Marijuana Referendum Tour Coming to Whistler

Former NDP candidate and current director of Sensible BC Dana Larsen wants to legalize marijuana use in Canada and he wants Sea to Sky residents’ help to do so.

Sensible BC is a Vancouver-based group that formed last year with the aim of working towards the decriminalization of simple cannabis possession in the province and a final goal of full legalization across the country. Larsen is now embarking on a whirlwind tour of B.C., visiting 32 towns in 12 days — including stops in Whistler, Pemberton and Squamish — to promote his campaign for a marijuana referendum.

“Our goal is to get signatures and support in every single electoral district in the province, so we need volunteers on the ground in every town and community, and certainly Whistler is an important place for us,” said Larsen.

The activist is trying to register at least 5,000 canvassers across B.C. to seek signatures in support of legislation Larsen has prepared, called The Sensible Policing Act. Larsen’s proposal would effectively decriminalize marijuana by preventing police from making searches or arrests for simple possession. The proposed law has been accepted by Elections BC, and Larsen will have 90 days from Sept. 9 to collect signatures from at least 10 per cent of registered voters in every electoral district — around 400,000 in total.

Provincial officials could either nix the proposed legislation or pass it into law, and also have the option of opening the issue to a public vote with a referendum, the most likely scenario in Larsen’s mind.

“(The province) has the option of just killing it even if we do get the signatures, but I would expect that would be a huge affront to the democratic process and what people expect out of their government,” he said. “There would certainly be immense political pressure on them just to have a vote on it.”

The legislation, if passed, would also update provincial liquor laws so that possession of marijuana by a minor would be treated the same as alcohol, and would ask the Attorney General to formally request the federal government consider the repeal of marijuana prohibition.

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