California Dems Say “No!” to Medical Marijuana Crackdown, Federal Interference in CO, WA

SoCal activist Lanny Swerdlow recently notified us that the California Democratic Party passed two historic resolutions on the issue of marijuana at its Executive Board meeting in Costa Mesa on Sunday, July 21.

“The first resolution called on President Obama to (1) respect the voters of Colorado and Washington and to not allow any federal interference in the enactment of their marijuana legalization initiatives, (2) end the federal raids on patients and providers in medical marijuana states and (3) appoint a commission to look into the reform of our nation’s marijuana laws.

“The 2nd resolution calls on our state legislature to enact statewide guidelines for medical marijuana distribution that respects the rights of local municipalities to regulate and license but will also provide marijuana ‘to all patients in all areas of California, rural as well as urban.’

“These are now official positions of the party and add another level of mainstream approval for medical marijuana and marijuana law reform – approval that will hold us in especially good stead when speaking with Democratic elected officials and candidates,” Swerdlow wrote.

US Attorney General Eric Holder has never said how the feds will respond to Colorado and Washington ending pot prohibition.

“This resolution puts the California Democratic Party, the largest state Democratic Party in the nation, firmly on the side of giving President Obama the backbone to allow Colorado and Washington go ahead and tryout marijuana legalization,” stated Swerdlow.

– Read the entire article in East Bay Express.



  1. gutrod on

    America: the land of the free.
    Now we all know that that is simply not true.

  2. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    O’Bama should take this seriously instead of being the presidential O’Bummer that he has been. When he’s out of office, a Has-Been, he’ll have royally fucked it up for his party’s successor at the national level. If Biden runs with Hillary, forget it. I don’t want more of the same. Both will have to sifted out during the primary. I’m sick of the prohibitionists getting their way all the time in the White House.

    This whole time for both Biden-Obama Administrations it’s looks like Biden, the arch prohibitionist himself, has been calling all the shots, which is why the cannabis community has made ZERO PROGRESS on getting the feds out of the states that have their own ways of regulating cannabis that differ from federal prohibition. It’s like a perverse situation with the underling telling the superior what do do, as if O’Bummer is wearing women’s underwear and a man-boob bra with a butt plug up his ass under his regular clothes because he’s acting like JOE BIDEN’S BITCH.

    So Obama is moved by the whole Travon Martin debacle, but is he moved enough to actually take the NAACP’s position on cannabis seriously and get the feds out so other states will jump on the cannabis money train, and before you know it Bob’s your uncle and more and more states legalize adult recreational use and Black and Latino people are no longer being over-policed for marijuana prohibition.

    It stands to reason if more Blacks and Latinos are put through the criminal justice system than Whites and the powers that be are not going to police Whites at the same rate that when you remove marijuana as a reason for the New Jim Crow that you will have significantly fewer minorities ruined by the criminal justice system. You won’t have law enforcement or law enforcement wannabes doing stop, question, detain, and frisks to try to chalk up another arrest, make their unwritten quotas, make their resumes look good enough so wannabes can get jobs as real cops and blah, blah, blah.

    Too bad O’Bummer and Holder either have butt plugs up their asses keeping themselves ready for Joe Biden or they’ve got their heads up their asses.

    Pull your head out, bitches! Wipe that shit off so you can see the truth of things.