Drug War Grinds On After Cartel Arrest

Mexico’s capture of Miguel Ángel Treviño—who authorities say ran the Zetas drug gang with such ferocity that he’d sometimes boil enemies alive in grease—leaves the government a key challenge: How to dismantle the rest of the decentralized cartel.

The Mexican navy has captured the alleged leader of the country’s most violent drug-trafficking organization, an important victory for the new administration of Mexican President . Nicholas Casey reports.

Some experts said the Mexican Navy’s detention on Monday of the Dallas-raised Mr. Treviño was a victory for the country’s new government but was unlikely to change the course of its fight against organized crime. They said it could spark a power struggle within the Zetas and with rival gangs over territory.

The Zetas differ from other drug cartels in that local cells handle most of the crime, from transporting drugs to extorting local businesses, law-enforcement officials and analysts said on Tuesday.

Members often work like franchisees, paying Zetas leadership fees to use the name and the right to run local rackets. That model has allowed the gang to expand rapidly through Mexico and Central America while complicating the government’s task in crippling it by targeting its leaders.

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