Bid Online at the Herb Museum’s Summer Art Auction

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Vancouver Herb Museum presents its first online art auction. Watch the entire auction LIVE on Pot TV and place your bid to purchase some High Art.

Join us online at the Herb Museum Art Auction Facebook Page, which will be auction HQ on Thursday, July 18 from 8PM – 11PM


1.) ONLINE BIDDING: Place your bid for artwork posted on the Herb Museum Art Auction Facebook Page in the comments sections as they are posted. Advance bidding starts as soon as the art is up. Watch the page for details starting tomorrow.

2) BID BY PHONE or TEXT: Place your bid on the day of the auction from 8PM – 11PM by calling or texting 778-987-8349.

Or join us in person on the 2nd Floor of 307 W. Hastings Street (CCHQ and BCMP building)

The Herb Museum is a registered non-profit society hosting the largest publicly accessible drug and herbal medicine collection in North America. We stay open in part to sales of art (yes art!).

Come down to grab one-of-a-kind drug piece art by local artists for auction prices or just stop in to blaze and check out the Museum free of charge. Prices start at 50 cents.

Featured Artists:

* Megan Allard: Megan Allard – Visual Artist
* Dottie Locks: ~*Dottie Locks Art*~
* Bob High
* Alan Sayers
* Ken Foster
* Hook
* John Walkus
* + many more!

Watch the auction in the window below or on Pot TV.




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