Federal Prosecutors’ Unchecked Power and Zeal Creates Prison Nation

This month, John Lester Gross III, a 48-year-old Californian, became another casualty in the federal government’s escalating war on marijuana. He plead gulity and was sentenced to 19-plus years for creating and running a dispensary in Sacramento and a nearby farm, where federal agents said they found 2,800 plants and 100 pounds of trimmed pot.

Like pot entrepreneurs in other states with non-federal laws allowing medical marijuana, Gross thought he was operating under state law, and most critically, after the federal Department of Justice told its prosecutors to back off marijuana cases early in President Obama’s first term. But California’s four U.S. attorneys decided that they did not like the industry’s rapid growth and began enforcing a gamut of federal laws to destroy it, especially taking aim at the large cultivators and retailers.

Prosecutors appointed by Obama, such as Andre Birotte, Jr., the first African-American to hold the post in the district where Los Angeles is located and a lawyer praised by the civil rights leaders, recently told a local public radio station that they were acting with prosecutorial discretion by not going after caregivers and patients, but targeting “drug dealers with storefronts.” U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag similarly touted her “measured approach” in seeking to seize the property of Berkeley’s biggest dispensary.

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  1. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    This is more total bullshit by the feds. Again!

    Cannabis prohibition is based upon the fraud that places it in Schedule 1, which in its illegal status makes it a gateway drug to more harmful drugs in categories of lesser harm, such as methamphetamine and cocaine and what have you.

    Feds are wasting time, money and other resources. Again!

    Feds are abusing their power by interfering in states where the states did Not ask them to.

    O’Bummer should have made the sequester cuts de-fund this sort of federally meddling in things that don’t concern them.

  2. Bhonze on

    The Cartels have made there way to the top! They are now running the Federal government and they will not be stopped.