Canadian Medical Marijuana Changes Not Understood

With medical marijuana growing laws changing in 2014, Canada’s health minister, Leona Aglukkaq, has written about why the federal government wants to get out of the business of licensing growers.

The change, due to take effect in March 2014, effectively privatizes and corporatizes medical marijuana crop growing.

Aglukkaq said in the statement, shared to Canadian media, that:

“When the Marijuana Medical Access Program was introduced in 2001 in response to a court decision, the number of people authorized to use marijuana for medical purposes stood at less than 500. Over the years that number has grown to more than 30,000. As a result, costs to taxpayers have continued to climb as Health Canada heavily subsidizes the production and distribution of marijuana for medical purposes.”

She expressed concern that those with permission to grow it at home “has added to public health, safety and security risks as criminal elements have abused the system.”

“The government’s goal is to treat dried marijuana as much as possible like other narcotics used for medical purposes under the MMPR (Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations) by creating conditions for a new, commercial industry that will be responsible for its production and distribution. Health Canada will return to its traditional role as a regulator.”

New security and quality control requirements will, Aglukkaq added, make it harder for medical marijuana to be funnelled into the illegal drugs trade.

– Read the entire article in Pique News Magazine.



  1. Bud Utilizer on

    That with a whole cut in government profits in the so called medical sector.

  2. Anonymous on

    There’s no more cost to the Government then there is for any other type of medication. It’s not somehow different than other drugs because it’s not in a pill form. The major issue here should be the privatization of an entire sector, not the legalization of it : you want your dope, you pay exorbitant fees, and if you do it illegally you get put into one of Canada’s (under the Harper Government) prison facilities, which they are expanding. How long until we see the same kind of rampant prison labor that we see in the United States and China in Canada?

    Harper’s closest international ties – economically – ARE the U.S. and China.

    With this shift in policy it puts us one step closer to a totalitarian authoritarian system of control that punishes dissent on any level through legal means. This is but a single part of the privatization of Canada for international corporate profit. The Alberta Tar sands are a nightmare, we’re selling off our water and our lumber, and the only thing that would make that tolerable while it happens is some WEED FOR MY A.D.D., which I can’t get legally without incurring huge costs. The solution? Take pharmaceuticals forever? No thanks, Harper.

  3. Anonymous on

    so much bullshit nowadays on the web

  4. Anonymous on

    Man was ignorant when he wrote that book, lol.

  5. Bud Grinder on

    Gonna be a lot of stoned posties and couriers and there’s gonna be a lot of patients wondering what happened to their deliveries?

  6. Bud Grinder on

    How can you get any decent bud out of a set-up like that? Flourescents???

  7. Bud Grinder on

    The health and safety risks occur when a gang of armed thugs, aka cops, kicks down your door and threatens your life.

  8. gutrod on

    The Harper governments plan is to supply hemp to medicinal users. In there eyes and laws there is no difference between hemp and cannabis.
    To enforce prescriptions to be delivered by mail is just another way of making lives miserable. We must vote these robo cops out in 2015 to get our justice system back to at least where we were in the 80’s or 90’s instead of the 1950’s laws that are the reality of having a majority right wight wing christian government in control of our lives.

  9. awesomesound on

    I have my Personal Production License, I am growing in a locked room in my basement in a 50x50x76 grow tent, I am growing 4-6 plants every 4-5 months I have a small prescription , so small that I have been turned down more then once from the large Designated growers that by the way Have been granted 6 or 7 licenses to produce for multiple Patients by Health Canada adding up to Pounds and Pounds. I am growing naturally not hydroponically so I have No smell, No mould, No holes cut in the house for ventilation and using 2 Florescent grow lights that probably use less power then your dishwasher, so why is it I am being treated next year like a criminal for something I have been licensed to do this year when I am following all the rules set out by the courts. Nobody including my family and friends know I use Cannabis let alone grow it, so if Health Canada wishes to send a police car to my house and notify a unsuspecting neighborhood of a couple of plants then that’s your tax dollars. I am also serviced by a Compassion Club when I have nothing growing, Health Canada wishes to eliminate them as well, and they are the only knowledgeable source to help patients find what will work best for them. It has taken me two years of trying this strain & that and yes breeding to get the right one FOR ME for Maximum Pain Reduction, if the Harper Governments pot farms can only produce one strain as the do now I will need to break the Law and continue two grow the medicine I need

  10. Anonymous on

    If properly done the risks are no more than if you were growing tomatoes, garden herbs or flower orchids in your basement. Where the trouble comes in is when people take shortcuts and don’t do things properly. With high humidity molds can set in. Some people try to bypass the electrical panels or don’t wire up the lights properly giving risk to electrical shorts and fires. The smell from maturing plants is quite powerful so good ventilation and carbon filters are needed to keep the peace with neighbors. The added risk would be from thieves trying to steal the cannabis and equipment

  11. Anonymous on

    this is nothing but an attempt to make more money to put into the government’s pocket. saying that it is costing taxpayers is a pile of shit. so they want to take away the right to grow for yourself?… ok, then what? everyone has to purchase it from health Canada at $10 a gram, with no price breaks? that’s a hell of a lot more than street value. and they want “quality control” on anything being sold to make sure it doesn’t go out to the street? in other words, keeping the THC content to a minimal so no one would dare buy it. for starters, having no price breaks brings the cost to $280 an ounce which is almost $100 more than street value, and monitoring the THC content to keep it at a lower potency (not to mention quality) will do nothing but drive people back to the street to purchase therefor supporting the black market even further. the harper government has done nothing but fuck us all, and its due time for us to stand up and fight back.

  12. John Sergovich on

    In the beginning, in the garden, the Lord gave us all the green seed bearing plants of the earth, each according to its kind, and He saw that it was good.

    “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food.” …

  13. John Sergovich on

    The goal of the program is to eradicate natural cannabis from the face of the earth to whatever extent they can. If they can control who breeds it and who grows it, all the better for them.

    The program will also threaten the security of anyone who currently has permission to grow their own plants. The only commercial industries that she is protecting are the forestry, pharmaceutical and petrochemical ones who would see some serious industrial competition if people knew all the things that natural cannabis can do cheaper and better.

  14. Anonymous on

    whoever spawned this cracker jack idea is ignorant of marijuana. they made this decision with haste and total disregard of the real world. what will happen more and more people are going to abandon a the MM license and go back to black market.

    nice going canadian politicians! here a big fuckoff thumbs up for sending canada backwards!

  15. ARRC93 on

    Sounds like a good idea to make the medical industry just a lil or a LOT richer… It sounds like a perfectly good idea… But… Honestly… Don’t we have perfectly rich corporations already, that are 100% capable of working in PRO of GENERAL PUBLIC BENEFIT and jet, they just won’t.
    For example… Goberment… Treating us like everything but life… And then we got a lot of other corporations with more capability than goberment itself but jet… We see no progress… Our goberment fell into the same game that all popular artist did. And so did we.
    Let’s make richer medics, give em the money for research..let em find better way’s of milking our life’s…
    One day we’ll find cancer’s cure, but noone will be able to afford for it until the next year…
    We don’t need richer Doctors… We don’t and should not let goberment treat nature like if it was ‘AMERICA’S/MEXICO’S/CANADA’S/etc… PROPERTY’.

    WEED is an EXPERIENCE offered by not just nature as we know it today, but universe as we’ll understand it in the future…

    Weed was not brought here by a mad man, or a bad intentioned person… It was brought by HE or THAT, that brought us all here… And there’s no other place for weed but earth, and man’s heart…
    WHO if not man, could understand the ways weed affect us…
    That is nature’s call ITSELF!.
    -Here man, did you try this before?…
    -Feels like… OH GOD…
    -Yes son, that it is freedom…

  16. Anonymous on

    Make no mistake this is nothing more than a vile attempt by the Harper Government to further prohibit for a profit. Growing is a risk to public safety? Please…..Forgive me if I ask you to explain how my Tomato and cannabis patch in the backyard is any more risky than the Pansys? Oh, but there is hope – these new rules may just be the tipping point for the the Charter arguments made recently that the government restricts medical marijuana so much that in fact it’s de-facto unavailable to those in need and thus the prohibition is thus unconstitutional. It’s time to raise all these arguments again when these new regulations show their true intent which is to block access ( to a plant??) In typical conservative stupidity just maybe the nail in their proverbial prohibitionist Coffin will have once and for all have been driven!

  17. Anonymous on

    The limit given on licensed growers is wrong, I attended the meeting where it was made clear there who be no cap on how many where given out or to whom.

    And “coffee shops” would be in violation of the proposed changes. All medical marijuana is to be shipped to patients by licensed commercial growers or distributors via bonded courier.

  18. Anonymous on

    what are the health and safety risks from growing cannabis in your house?
    Please dont say the children because that really rattles me.

  19. Anonymous on

    what are the health and safety risks from growing cannabis in your house?
    Please dont say the children because that really rattles me.

  20. Anonymous on

    Taxpayers pay nothing for medical marijuana users, or shouldn’t. The gov of Canada provides medical marijuana to patients at almost street value, so they if they are taking anything from the taxpayer to pay for it, there are some serious mismanagement of money issues at play.

    The licensed grower program exists at absolutely no cost to the Canadian government. Some police organizations have argued that their own illegal search and seizures of licensed grows has resulted in an increased cost to the taxpayer —- and yet this is entirely the fault of the police and the federal government, for not communicating with each other.