New Canadian Medical Marijuana Laws Won’t Change Illegal Growing

Federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq opines that the new legislation on medical marijuana access is going to get rid of dangerous fire and mould risks in homegrown marijuana.

As the equipment used is identical to that used by any amateur gardener growing, for example, orchids in the basement, can we expect this hobby to be outlawed as well? It’s only the illegal grow-ops that use unsafe methods of growing. Modern grow tents with charcoal filters, fans and LED lights don’t pose a problem. Steel grow cabinets are built to the Canadian electrical specifications and are computer controlled.

The commercial supply of medical marijuana is being handed over to commercial growers – Big Pharma – the same people who lobby to keep marijuana illegal to protect their expensive drug production. Marijuana grown by commercial growers will be expensive for poor, older medical users, the largest demographic of users.

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