New Canadian Medical Marijuana Laws Won’t Change Illegal Growing

Federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq opines that the new legislation on medical marijuana access is going to get rid of dangerous fire and mould risks in homegrown marijuana.

As the equipment used is identical to that used by any amateur gardener growing, for example, orchids in the basement, can we expect this hobby to be outlawed as well? It’s only the illegal grow-ops that use unsafe methods of growing. Modern grow tents with charcoal filters, fans and LED lights don’t pose a problem. Steel grow cabinets are built to the Canadian electrical specifications and are computer controlled.

The commercial supply of medical marijuana is being handed over to commercial growers – Big Pharma – the same people who lobby to keep marijuana illegal to protect their expensive drug production. Marijuana grown by commercial growers will be expensive for poor, older medical users, the largest demographic of users.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Form a co-op growing company

  2. Anonymous on

    Damn right about the juicing. Different parts of the plants used different ways offer a variety of drugs that can be used for different treatments. The idea that people will only have access to what companies will produce is retarded.

  3. tcc member on

    The the new Blue Tax – 25%

  4. awesomesound on

    Wonder what my butter tarts will look like after 2 days in the back of a Canada Post truck? Health Canada Idiots.

  5. awesomesound on

    Since I am losing my Personal production license next year, I am looking for a Cannabis growing job at one of Harpers massive Pot farms, I have a portfolio and want to know If this ridicules Health Canada plan includes first chance at the jobs that will be available as WE are the ones that are already growing quality Cannabis, or will this only be available to the Capitalists that can afford to open up there own business and there Families. Not all of us are abusing our licenses and to Make me a criminal next year for something I am legally able to do this year is the most stupid and irresponsible legislation I have ever seen. Does anyone including the Health Minister think that this will stop illegal growing? as for risk of fire! that they are so concerned about, I am using 110W lighting that uses less power then your dishwasher, I own the House does anyone think I would cut holes in my home for ventilation, this WILL NOT STOP illegal grow-ops, on contrary this will produce more people that are breaking the law these same people that are abiding by the law right now.

  6. Eva Lee on

    Keep in mind the fact that the MMAR and subsequent MMPR were the result of court decisions.

    Improvements to the program will be the result of court decisions. The B.C. program was forced to allow edibles because of the Owen Smith case. Juicing will have to be a charter challenge. If patients need fresh leaf to juice, they can’t do that through mail order.

    I see two possibilities for improving the situation for patients. One is through charter challenges and the other is through changing the political landscape. The Conservative party is opposed to cannabinoids. Their press releases are clear that they are only working with this program because they were forced by the courts. The NDP is not pro-legalization, I voted for them in 2011 because of Jack Layton, but with their stance on marijuana, I will not do so in the next election. The Green party is pro-legalization, but has only one seat in Parliament and I don’t imagine that will change greatly in the next election.

    That only leaves the Liberals. They passed resolution 117 to legalize marijuana. If they honour that stance for the next election , Liberal is where my vote will go. I admit to being a one issue voter (use to be the economy that ruled my vote) who votes in every election and has done so for the past 30 years.

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  9. Boyd Goble on

    Price is only a part of the equation,If your a patient who has experienced the holistic value of tending those plants as well as the fact that many of us Juice whole plants.
    How will we be able if all we can purchase from these Mega-Grows is dried bud?
    Don’t lie to me or fool yourself this will not benefit ME the patient in any way shape or form.

  10. Anonymous on

    They speculated on price increase, they did not announce one. You can expect the commercial price to be around $5/gram which allows for a decent margin for the producer once you take into account having to test the medicine, package, security, etc. So long as HC issues enough license to allow healthy competition, prices will be reasonable.

  11. FlyGuy on

    How do we know commercial production won’t lower the cost?