Middle-Aged Women Dying From Overdoses

Middle-aged American women are dying from overdoses of prescription painkillers at ‘skyrocketing’ rates, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.

These deaths are occurring five times more frequently in 2010 than they were in 1999, it warns.

‘Mothers, sisters and daughters are dying from prescription drug overdoses more than we’ve ever seen,’ CDC director Tom Frieden said on Tuesday.

The CDC previously reported that deaths from overdoses of prescription opioid painkillers had exceeded those of cocaine and heroin combined.

More than 6600 women died from a prescription painkiller overdose in 2010, which is more than twice the number dying from cervical cancer, the new report said.

The fastest-growing age group is women 45-54, it said.

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  1. mad matt on

    Why come here with your anticannabis rhetoric? You are obviously on the teat of our DEA/ONDCP fascists. Thanks but no thanks on that kool-aid.


  2. Anonymous on

    These deaths are from pure ignorance and in fact because of lack-of-education/ignorance just as many people are killing themselves slowly via liver destruction from the Acetaminophen(aka.Paracetamol) NEEDLESSLY (intentionally to discourage abuse?) mixed with the majority of both OTC and prescription opiates!
    ALMOST no one* should die from pure, standardised (ie you know the dose) opiates – they have very few side effects with constant long term (even very large) dosing. In fact truly overdosing is fairly difficult by itself (a few times the ‘high’ inducing dose), but in a huge proportion of opiate deaths ALCOHOL is involved. Alcohol dramatically promotes CNS depression and the build up of fluid on the lungs – which is what kills in a majority of opiate OD’s (combined with a lowered response to CO2 from the opiates ie. less urge to breath), if of course you don’t die from choking on your vomit – which BOTH alcohol and opiates promote.

    * Well actually there’s always idiosyncratic (unpredictable unique individual) responses and allergies etc which can happen with any food & even cannabis too!

    Note that cannabis pollen (aside from all the other chemicals it’s made of) is a proven potent allergen, thus even a potentil killer (via asthma attack). Yes there’s even a few clearly documented case studies (publsihed in medical journals) of cannabis inducing different allergic symptoms in users, including a number of cases of repeated hyperemesis (uncontrollable vomiting) after smoking in previously regular users who had to then give up (note they may have been allergic to another chemical natural or synthetic in the cannabis other than the cannainoids, so they could’ve possibley resumed their habit in a more purified, dare I say it, pharmaceutical type preparation eg. hash oil or oral sprays etc)
    These people were just damn unlucky!
    So too are people who are allergic to gluten or codeine!
    Allergy to alcohol isn’t rare either!

    As to these drugs being ‘artificial’ (why the hell that’s so bad I don’t know?), in fact not only do codeine, morphine ‘naturally’ occur in opium, but so do oxycodone and oxymorphone! (in trace amounts, likely formed via ‘natural’ redox mechanisms & not via gene encoded enzymatic formation)


    But hang these things are ‘natural’ so these must be safe?!
    (That’s sarcasm guys & gals – just ask the opinion on ‘natural’ remedies of family members of one of the many people who’ve died from ‘healthy’ ‘natural’ bee propolis for example).

    ‘nough said…

  3. Paul Pot on

    The natural forms of all drugs are far safer than the concentrates made from them.
    You can not OD from smoking opium resin.
    And smoking cannabis is safer again.
    Legalize the natural pharmacopoeia.

  4. gutrod on

    This is no big surprise. All of the money and resources put into cannabis prohibition while legal opiate prescription drugs are killing people at an alarming rate. It just might be time government lawmakers went to plan B if there is one. If these victims were upper class middle aged white men, the government might take notice.