Medical Marijuana Bust Angers New Westminster Operators

The lawyer for the operator of a New Westminster medical marijuana dispensary says police wasted time and money targeting his client with a year-long undercover operation.

New Westminster police have recommended charges against three people after raiding the N.I.C.E dispensary in May.

A search warrant obtained by CBC News details a year-long investigation into the venture, which was run by Justin Cleveland, head of the West Coast Green Light Society advocacy organization.

Cleveland’s lawyer, Kirk Tousaw, says his client was completely transparent as to his intentions, informing the city with a detailed proposal for a two-year trial period.

“I think that most Canadians would agree that using scarce police resources to investigate and ultimately arrest people that are trying to help others with medical conditions access medical cannabis isn’t the most effective use of these resources,” Tousaw says.

“If I was a taxpayer in New Westminster — and it is a municipal police force — I’d be wondering what the priorities of New Westminster Police Department are.”

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  1. Anonymous on

    I have (had?) a membership there and what I’d like to know is, will they be able to re-open?
    It was so much more convenient to have a place to go that was close by… rather than trekking into Vancouver.

    And this was actual police rather than RCMP?
    What with Dana’s SensibleBC ramping up, I’m wondering if the RCMP are going to start going hardcore on arresting people, and dispensaries-outside-of-vancouver.

    This is why you need to vote people!!!
    Because the kind of people who vote for POS Harper, and other anti-cannabis politicians/parties, ALWAYS vote! ALWAYS!!!

    So stop bitching that none of the politicians are any good and vote for ones who show that they’re intelligent enough to have learned the truth about the fact that cannabis is a NON-TOXIC plant with so many fucking good things about it!!!