California Senate Unanimously Asks Feds’ Permission to Legalize Hemp

After a veto from Governor Jerry Brown in 2011, another hemp legalization bil unanimously passed the California Senate on Tuesday, June 4.

SB 566 was written to acquiesce Governor Brown’s out-of-touch constitutional ignorance. Under the current bill, hemp production would only begin once California receives permission from the federal government.

“We feel confident that California will finally have an industrial hemp law later this year ensuring that California farmers are ready and able to cultivate hemp upon federal approval,” Patrick Goggin, California legal counsel for the industry group Vote Hemp said.

Should SB 566 be construed as some mechanism to make the federal government act? Hardly. But it does indicate the growing support for hemp production, not only in California, but across the United States. According, domestic retail sales of hemp food and body care products reached $156 million last year, and the Hemp Industries Association estimates that all hemp products sales, including clothing, auto parts, and building materials, totaled at least $500 million. The continued federal prohibition makes no sense constitutionally or economically.

– Read the entire article at Tenth Amendment Center.



  1. Roberto on

    Screw the feds, just do it.

  2. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    Well, thanks. BTW, I meant “clueless Quayle.”

    It seems to me that cannabis will have to be legalized before immigration reform in order to avoid people being in the U.S. illegally and having an illegal income from cannabis, i.e. operatives of the cartels. Some Republicans are big on the so-called self-deportation idea, meaning if they can’t afford to live in the U.S. either legally or with an underground income stream from the illegal drugs market that they’ll go home, go back to Mexico, presumably. If D.C. does immigration first, then they’ll have legalized people and eventually when cannabis is legalized the income of these newly legal residents will dry up. Then they may be a burden on the social safety net of the U.S. and there’ll be no citizenship or legal residency obstacles in their way.

    That’s one reason I enjoy watching the dog and pony show of immigration reform on tv. Another aspect is that Marco Rubio is put out as the Latino Republican for reform, and since Cubans and Mexicans generally do not get along well and there’s no big problem with Cubans crossing the U.S.-Mexico boarder illegally, he’s not going to be all that motivated to work from a Mexican perspective. I’ll be surprised if the Mexicans and Latin Americans embrace his proposals. His last name is Rubio (blond) yet he is not blond. He is definitely not what he appears to be. What he is is false hope for Mexicans hoping to become legal in the U.S.

    Something else that I’m watching is the relationship between gay marriage and cannabis legalization in states. If marijuana is legalized before gay marriage, does that mean that it’s going to be all the more difficult to get gay marriage passed in a state because the cannabis community got what it wanted so stops cooperating with other marginalized groups? I’m thinking that pro-cannabis states will also still be pro-gay-marriage states because otherwise all the DOMA congresspeople in D.C. would have a fire under their asses to push through cannabis legalization as the painful trade-off.

    Just my musings.

  3. Justin Thyme on

    Very well said and written.

    I seriously would have thought Obama would do something about legalizing Hemp and/or Cannabis in his final ‘lame-duck’ season as President. I can’t fathom what is holding him back, unless he made a deal with the Devil…(Republicans in the Senate and Boehner – which – by the way, should be pronounced ‘Boner’ or ‘Beaner’, either way there is no ‘A’ in his name, so keep it real people. The Emperor wears no clothes.)

    After all, Obama smoked some weed in High School and College. He is a Democrat, although Moderate. He should at least be able to see that a strong Hemp Industry in the U.S. would be outstanding for the economy…so I don’t get why he won’t allow states to at least legalize Hemp for industrial applications.

    There are so many countries laughing at us right now..all across Europe, South America – even China. Heck, our neighbors to the North – Canada – at least allow Hemp to be grown in a widespread fashion and when do you ever hear about their high crime rate?

    If all “Legal” citizens of the U.S. could grow their own cannabis for private use, and “Legal” companies and corporations could grow lots of hemp for industrial use, we would not see any more ‘black market’ for this plant. The Mexican drug cartels would lose a big chunk of income to the point of becoming defunct or bankrupt, we wouldn’t have to depend on foreign imported hemp for our hemp products which would save us a lot of money and improve the economy all the way around.

  4. Justin Thyme on

    So many countries on this planet are making money and have set up an industry based on Hemp products, yet, in this so-called capitalistic society, we allow the Bible belt and a bunch of ignorant people to continue to demonize a simple plant.

    Who gave man the right to outlaw something that God made in the first place? No where in the Bible does it say that certain plants should be avoided, let alone naming a specific plant like Hemp.

    If you look up the origin of why Hemp became illegal in the U.S., especially in Wikipedia, you’ll see that there was a conspiracy between three tycoons : Hearst, Du Pont and Mellon who stood to make lots of money if Hemp was illegal. Hearst had newspapers and magazines that he wanted to be made from tree paper. Du Pont wanted to replace hemp rope with polymer based ‘plastic’ rope.

    Keep in mind that one acre of Hemp produces as much paper as four acres of trees, and paper made from trees is a lower grade material than paper made from hemp. The acids used on tree paper make it last less long than the fibers of hemp paper.

    It takes a whole human generation to grow one tree for paper. It takes only a year to grow one full sized hemp plant.

    The first drafts of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States were drafted on Hemp paper. The first Levi pants were made from hemp fiber. And, up until the conspiracy of Hearst, Du Pont and Mellon, all ship’s sails were made of hemp all over the world including within the U.S.

    Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew hemp for industrial reasons. Why are we so backwards still?

  5. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    Fine, so it’s dependent upon the feds getting the hell out of the way. If that’s what it takes to start a national debate, fine. Framing the issue this way to wait for the feds is just another pro-cannabis law on the books that will never see realization in the real world, in the soil. The feds will keep dragging their feet. The states with hemp legislation and the states with MMJ and RMJ laws are not all getting together at the governor level or at the congressional level to put more pressure on. Polis is about the only one in the news, occasionally Rohrabacher. The squeaky wheel gets the oil and if only a couple of folks are making any noise the squeak is not loud enough to get them any oil. To get cannabis into the national debate there will be some orchestration that has to take place: a meeting of governors from cannabis states, then launch the topic later in a meeting of all of the governors (they hold them once a year looks like), meeting by cannabis congresspeople from both the House and Senate, go back to respective chamber and launch simultaneously. Obama is a huge O’Bummer. Every president since Reagan except Bush senior has basically had a vice president handler, someone with experience in D.C. Reagan had Poppy Bush, then it was Bush senior himself with clues Quayle, then Gore as handler for Clinton, then Cheney as handler for Bushlet (W), then Biden as handler for O’Bummer. Biden has always been an arch enemy of cannabis legalization, and it certainly shows in O’Bummer’s administrations.