Marc Emery Locked Indefinitely in Solitary Confinement Over False Charges

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marc Emery, the Vancouver businessman and political dissident currently imprisoned in the US for his marijuana activism, has been locked in solitary confinement for an indefinite period over false charges.

Marc, who has been learning the bass guitar while locked up in the Yazoo City Federal Correctional Complex in Mississippi, received permission from prison authorities to have photos taken of him performing music with his fellow inmates. According to Marc, permission was given by three separate administrators, including one at the prison’s Special Investigative Services (SIS), and authorization paperwork likely exists.

Photos of Marc performing with his band were taken and developed by prison staff months ago and then sent to Marc’s wife Jodie through regular US and Canadian postal services.

Marc has now been put in the solitary cells at the prison Special Housing Unit (SHU) and told he is under investigation by the SIS, who say the photos may have been taken with a prohibited smart phone.

“Got to see Marc for 1.5 hours,” Marc’s wife Jodie posted in an online statement yesterday, shortly after a trip to visit him. “Prison has him in solitary confinement to ‘investigate’ the photos of his band that the prison itself approved! The investigation (could take months) is to see if Marc had a cellphone to take the band photos – despite proof the prison camera was used! The warden, guards, music/recreation admins – everyone – knows Marc got official permission for those photos. Yet they put him in solitary?!”

Prisoners in the SHU are locked up for 23 hours a day and receive none of the basic amenities afforded to regular prisoners.

“He had to beg for a pen and for a razor to shave,” Jodie told Cannabis Culture. “All they give him to wear besides his orange prison suit is a pair of 4XL shorts with string tied around his waist to hold them up, and one pair of socks with enormous holes in them. I cried when I saw him, and he did too. Another SHU inmate set a fire and smoke filled the cells, and Marc thought he might die. It’s Hell. We need to get him home!”

Cannabis Culture contacted Yazoo prison but was told no one would be available for comment until Monday morning.

Emery was sentenced to five years in prison in the US after being arrested and extradited for selling marijuana seeds and using the money to fund marijuana legalization activism, including publishing Cannabis Culture and Pot TV. The DEA admitted Emery was targeted for political reasons in a press release issued the day of his arrest.

Shortly after his extradition to the US in 2010, Marc was locked in solitary confinement for three weeks for unknowingly breaking an unwritten rule by having his wife record a phone conversation for publication as an online podcast.

Marc has 394 days until he is eligible for early release, and has submitted a transfer application to serve the rest of his sentence in Canada.

“Right now his transfer application to come home to Canada is in the US Government’s hands,” Jodie said. “We need everyone to encourage them to approve his transfer application and get him out of solitary confinement, out of federal prison in Mississippi, and on the way home to Canada!”

Support Marc by sending a letter to the US Department of Justice transfer division, requesting that he be approved for transfer home to Canada.

Find out more about Marc Emery, including how to send him photos and letters, at



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  2. Billy B on

    The ability for one man to control another in such a manner is a travesty. I sincerely hope that Marc and his band mates are able to get past this major set back. I imagine this horrible state of being will sit with him for a long time.

    Are Marc’s band mates also in solitary confinement? Or, is this a targeted situation, quieting him up.

    I’m sorry Jodie, both of you have been very brave through this whole ordeal, and this unfortunate news is saddening and frustrating.

    I’ll send a support letter to the US Dept of Justice.

  3. dbcooper on

    keep on rockin’ in the free world

  4. Anonymous on

    From a quote from one my letters from Marc there is no end to the evils they have done our doing and will do to maintain prohibition.

  5. SavourySmoke on

    Hang in there Marc there trying to fuck with you but you have to hang on . We will eventually get you home , and we need heroes like you here Steve and his cronies are tying very hard to put as many of us in jail as possible before the next election as he knows hes toast . The public here is finally seeing what a nasty mean spirited jerk Steve is and will be tossing his ass on the dumpster . Hang in there man We are all pulling for ya.

  6. Tony Aroma on

    I think it’s pretty obvious they know Marc is requesting a transfer and need to have something to point to as a reason when it is denied. Which is will be, as it was the first time. Not that they really need a reason, as it’s pretty obvious Marc poses a danger to society.

  7. Anonymous on

    All you people who come on here to slag Marc Emery are just narks, sheep, and traitors. Few people stand up against the governments, police, and drug war. Marc Emery stood up against them and he lost years of his life because of it. And you little pathetic trolls have the nerve to come on here and slag him? Your karma reeks. And here is an article that shows the heroism of Marc and others-

  8. Anonymous on

    All you people who come on here to slag Marc Emery are just narks, sheep, and traitors. Few people stand up against the governments, police, and drug war. Marc Emery stood up against them and he lost years of his life because of it. And you little pathetic trolls have the nerve to come on here and slag him? Your karma reeks. And here is an article that shows the heroism of Marc and others-

  9. Paul Pot on

    Have you ever considered the possibility that some of the disparaging comments here may actually be posted by police even DEA agents?
    The DEA is mandated to prevent legalization by “whatever means”.
    And that can include things like spreading lies and deceit and making personal attacks on people.
    A website is the perfect way to do that.
    You can post your written attacks in complete anonymity and you know the people in question are going to read it and so is the rest of the community who is interested in the subject.
    Some of the commenter’s here were obviously not impressed by the negatives and raised some interesting points. If they hate Marc and marijuana so much, what are they doing on a marijuana site? First of all surveillance, to get information about the enemy. Then to leave abuse and attacks that they hope will demoralize and divide the enemy campaign. It’s called “Active Measure’s” and other police states have used “Active Measures” in the past to divide and conquer their own people, and it may be happening right here, right now.
    As for Marc he is equatable to the likes of Gandhi and Mandela both imprisoned at a time when human rights were coming to the fore. And that’s what is happening now. There have been serious losses for the prohibition industry and isolating Marc is as much as they can think of doing to reduce his influence but all they will achieve is to help galvanize his following and reinforce the understanding that prohibition is a crime against decent people.

  10. T. Pickens on

    How quickly people forget how these people treat others, especially those who were against 502, for example.

    Then they are very quick to protest how they are being treated.

    There’s more to this story I am sure, but most seem to believe whatever Jodie/Dana/whoever else seems to feed them.

    There’s no way he’s going to be given an early release now. You think publicizing how bad this prison is allegedly treating him is going to make it easier on him?

  11. gstlab3 on

    if you have’nt noticed they trashed the U.S. constitution right after the civil war era around 1865’ish and created a horrible new thing for the elite and the money changing bankers and corporations and the new world order was being born in Europe by their own all powerfull banking and corporate cartels.

    small things like income and property taxation got big and so did a bunch of faked up social issues and causes.

    they created this police state one generation and one law and one election at a time never giving any ground in reality.,

    this is all a big show to keep people busy fighting amongst themselves and living in ignorance and fear.,

    remember that after 9/11 George Bush said., “either you are with us or against us.,”


  12. Anonymous on

    You are an idiot.

  13. Anonymous on

    The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution depict Cruel and unusual punishments that date back to English common law. After working in two private prison and being on the other side of the door having to watch even the strongest wills deteriorate, using this form of punishment for some thing questionable and minor as consenting photo’s. Unless the inmates in the photo’s own privacy were violated with out consent I see no problem. What I see is a vary effective form of punishment and deterrent, the only time it might be acceptable is for their protection. When one is in solitary they are many times strip and placed in suicide suits or strip down no blankets sheets on a hard cold steel bunk for 23 hours in a empty dim lite cold or hot stuffy concert 8×10 room with no windows. When they let you out for your hour it can be at night not seeing daylight for days, they can control your food,phone call ,letters and visits if they want too. American Jurist Prudence is originated from English & Roman common Law and that the punishment should fits the crime. This has all the signs of politics of the prohibition industry. I think Its time to gather these band inmate and file a class action suit and make it cost the prison.

  14. inch on

    The man is doing time for everyone whose been fighting this law forever. For me its 45 years, and have done my fare share of time spent ,but it didn’t detour me one bit. No one should be put in prison, for something so meaningless as pot.NO ONE !! people like you really piss me off because you don’t no a single thing about the substance. It has been found to be the most harmless of all drugs,It has so many healing powers ,even the experts haven’t found all the useful effects yet. It would generate more revenue than one would think,50 -60 million over a five year period. Being as all police officers, judges and lawyers cant admit smoking it because of job loss. They are all to spineless to step up to the plate and admit they smoke a little pot. thanks for letting me vent a little rage you f#@*ing

  15. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    Marc doesn’t belong in prison in the first place. You’re confusing activism and agitating for freedom so people can come out of the cannabis closet, and you want them to stay out of sight out of mind. You’re obviously a prohibitionist. It’s obvious you’re a low information voter when it comes to this issue. You could inform yourself better hanging out on cannabis legalization sites. There’s no need to let us know you’ve already got your mind made up and the facts and science are irrelevant. Our liberty is irrelevant. You must be making a buck off of prohibition or somehow have an ax to grind against cannabis. Anyhow, kiss me! I’m Mrs. Ratsrectum, and as I describe myself I’m a walking asshole, a smelly arse, spouting shit. I talk out my ass. I do give a rat’s ass, my own ass. Kiss me! Kiss me! Prohibitionist fascist.

  16. foam on

    Good there are people like Marc to stand and be counted -they really giving him the Nelson Mandela treatment..

  17. Anonymous on

    I am not saying marc is in prison rightfully, trust me the feds are way out of line as far as I am concerned, I am just trying to give an explanation as to a possibility of why, like they really need a why to do anything they want to any inmate, as I have been there.
    Peace out.

  18. Anonymous on

    Being locked up for MMJ cultivation myself, I know how things work in the federal system, maybe, perhaps, possibly, could be, SIS has the permission paperwork and the approval of the pictures, as you need to buy tickets to have pictures taken by inmates, those pictures are viewed by staff prior to the release to inmates, again perhaps there are other pictures, that may or may not have been taken with something else other than the approved camera, and that could be the reason for the investigation, shit happens, and there are cell phones in prison, inmates arrange and things come over the fence all the time. SIS will get to the bottom of it. Ya the SHU sucks, I spent over 3 months in there, for someone in prison staff knowing who I was, they had to transfer me to another facility, it really sucked, when in the SHU, no matter the reason your there you are all treated the same.
    I am just sayin.

  19. kim hanna on

    Obviously Marc & the band are dangerous to prison order.
    Remember rhythm and blues (grass) makes white women dance with blacks and it is Mississippi after all.

  20. Anonymous on

    Maui, Maui is pretty good… Seriously though, watch out the Harper Government likes a lot about the way the USA runs… We should all be paying attention.

  21. ironlungs710 on

    that’s the karma they get for supporting I-502 and the destruction of the medical marijuana community here in Washington State. Jodi was a real cunt to anti I-502 supporters so I don’t feel bad at all. they are not good people. they care about money only.

  22. Anonymous on

    you are the idiot fool

  23. Anonymous on

    you are the idiot

  24. kelvin smith sr. on

    Ashamed to be American!

    Nobody should be in jail or prison for drugs of any kind, what is this 1950!

    Free Marc Emery

    Kelvin Smith sr.
    Fairfield Illinois
    That’s with a K

  25. Fuck Haterz on

    Fuck this guy talkin shit about Marc Emery!! Marc was trying to make a world of difference for the people to not be afraid to live the lifestyle they want..FREE MARC EMERY AND LOCK UP ALL THE POLITICS BEHIND THE SCENE THEYRE ALL CROOKS!!! AND FUCK THIS GUY TALKING SHIT ON THIS PAGE GO SUCK A DICK YOU DOUCHEBAG!

  26. Anonymous on

    its fukin clowns like u who put him in there in the first place so quit screwin with his time and let him come home

  27. steve on

    This won’t do any good but transfer him if he wants to,quit being dic’s,,,

  28. steve on

    This won’t do any good but transfer him if he wants to,quit being dic’s,,,

  29. steve on

    This won’t do any good but transfer him if he wants to,quit being dic’s,,,

  30. steve on

    This won’t do any good but transfer him if he wants to,quit being dic’s,,,

  31. Anonymous on

    ohhh no…the modern day ” papillon” is now doing hard time…wearin’ XXX shorts and holes in his socks….no band practice and no internet ….christ let’s make a remake of the aforementioned movie classic…marc can take steve mcqueens role and ol jodie can play louis dega….this is all toooo funny

  32. Anonymous UK on

    Marc has probably been put in solitary to stop any attempts to be transferred back to Canada or even early release. I bet being in solitary is an automatic NO to any of these questions.

    We all wish Marc the very best and are grateful for his stand against these monsters

  33. Charlie on

    The ONLY thing it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing! Marc stood up and paid the price to stop the law against a substance which is less harmful than legal alcohol. I do not smoke marijuana but I do admire courage.

  34. Bud Grinder on

    Anybody who doesn’t get it yet… get it that the USA is a GULAG country… has been sleeping or just isn’t connected to reality.

    I can’t think of a single thing the USA has that I want enough to make me live there.

  35. Bud Grinder on

    Goddamned ignorant mercenary evil thugs – all of them.

    May they all burn in Hell for eternity as just payment for their sins and crimes against humanity.

  36. PerfectlyHappyEx-Pat on

    It must be a fantastic feeling for you, an apparently and seriously calloused, delusional, attention-seeking little troll, to negatively “pipe-up” up on a topic you show obvious disdain for, on a site that has nothing to do with your particular lifestyle or belief-system.

    Trust me, you are NOT going come close to any similarly regarded social status to Mr. Emery, by playing the mightily brave one-armed crusader, spewing forth great rants on the veritable evils of weed, and leading your troops into the enemy waters of Cannibis Culture.

    Mr. Emery simply sparked further personal, and political debate, initialized positive forward-thinking action and discussions, and motivated individuals and government entities to begin looking into the inane, and culture-subversive prohibition of marijuana usage. I don’t know him personally, never met the guy, can’t tell you if he’s an asshole, a control-freak, a shitty dancer or whether he takes milk or lemon in his tea. I can tell you simply by his action, you my socially-insecure, self-deprecating, goofy little pal, that Mr. Emery is far from being the egotistical, self-centric little attention whore that you claim him to be, and that I believe is quite possibly true of yourself.

    I think you ought to clear your favorites of all the porn sites you consistenly spend hours on behind your womans’ back, dump out all the whiskey you’ve got stashed in the garage, toss out all of your legal, revenue-generating, debilitating vices, and start studying the plant a little before you run your precious mouth again. Watch “The Union”, listen to facts, and think a bit. Take at least one tiny toke of the plant yourself, before you come online in a marijuana-centric forum and run your mouth. Okay.
    Great. Thanks for letting me rant.

    Now, let’s talk about your boy Chaney.
    Nah, I won’t go there with you kid. have a nice day.

  37. Dave on

    Bullies do what bullies do because other hateful people support them; why complicate the situation, most of the time these people are the simpletons who can’t see past what they are told to see!

  38. Anonymous on

    You are so rediculous. I hope you fall off a large cliff buddy! Open your eyes

  39. GoodWeedisGoodWeed on

    Noweed, I’m sorry but you completely missed this man’s point. To stand in public and make a stand against poor laws is not trying to show off anyone’s cool factor. Why would he deserve a long jail time? Is marijuana so evil, civil protest so grotesque, or are you just mad because the man wants to stand up against a system that is cruel and malicious towards its citizens.

    It’s such a shame to see how people think the words illicit means immoral. Or, that the government’s rules mean something. Perhaps they do, at times. But if they don’t? Some people believe they should put their freedom on the line.

  40. noweedisgoodweed on

    Maybe if this idiot wasn’t so cocky and overly eager to let everyone know (including authorities) that he smokes illegal substances, he would be home with his wife and living a normal life like anyone else? looks like being “discreet” wasn’t good enough for him.

    Seems like he valued his weed-image (“hey everyone I smoke weed aren’t I cool??”) than his image, freedom and family. I hope it was worth the jail time! Personally I think he deserves a very long jail sentence. I hope they keep him in incarcerated for a really long time.

  41. Reflections Of on

    They don’t like Marc, it’s as simple as that. That’s why they came all the way up to into Canada to arrest him in the first place… Marc started making a lot a mistakes, like threatening his seed buyers, and baiting and switching his seed product, and orders just not showing up… So, when the funds started drying up, Marc went on his final and most outrageous tour in Canada. Smoking kids up in front of police stations… After that everybody, even in Canada said enough of this shit, bye bye Marc Emery… It’s to bad really, Marc had it all… Now I figure he’ll probably die in jail… Remember kids you make your own bed, and often have to lay in it…

  42. Tom on

    This is absolutely unbelievable! He received the necessary permission to have the photos taken, the photo is so innocent… and it shows Marc doing something that makes him happy… something that sustains his soul while he has to sit in prison. I don’t understand what would need to be investigated.

    All I can think of is that they’re really trying to play hardball with him and trying to break his spirit. I know Marc is a strong person, but solitary is hard even for the strongest.

    It’s like they’re poking him with a stick, trying to evoke some reaction.

    None the less, Marc Emery, you are a visionary and one of the greatest activists this movement has ever known. You’ve given so much in the name of liberty and freedom… you don’t deserve this.

    This is outrageous and I hope the organization within the jail that’s holding him comes to their senses quickly about this and lets him return to the general population in the jail, where he can play bass guitar and continue to grow as a person, despite the deplorable circumstances he’s under.

    Sorry if this is a little ranty. I’m just outraged that they’re doing this to him over something so, so petty, that was approved. It was almost like he was baited for this. I’m outraged, that’s really all I have to say.

    Stay strong Marc. Stay strong. You know who you really are inside, a good person with a free spirit who just wants nothing more than to grow personally and help others. Remember that, because no one can ever take that away from you.