UK ‘War On Drugs’ Not Working, Says Coalition of Celebrities and Politicians

Celebrities, entrepreneurs and politicians have called on the government to end the so-called war on drugs and urgently review the UK’s laws.

The open letter published in the Times included Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson, musician Sting and comedian Russell Brand among nearly 20 signatories pushing for change.

The letter claims that the £3bn spent on drug policy “does little to address the root causes of addiction and pointlessly criminalises people”.

The initiative, led by Green MP Caroline Lucas, has attracted cross-party backing from Labour MP Keith Vaz, Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith and Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert.

The letter comes as politicians debate a home affairs select committee report that warns that government action is needed “now, more than ever” to consider all the alternatives for drug policy.

– Read the entire article at The Guardian.



  1. Anonymous on

    I’m not sure if the UK will be the one to lead as even reclassifying cannabis from a class B to a class C caused massive uproar a few years back.

  2. gutrod on

    Time for Plan B. The problem is that there isn’t one. There are some very intelligent people advocating the end of the drug war and cannabis prohibition including Richard Branson and Sting who I’m sure have used weed at some point in their lives. I’m still waiting to hear of someone dying from smoking pot while Americans are dropping like flies from alcohol abuse. LoL.

  3. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    So every country is using the excuse that there are international treaties preventing legalization, and who’s gonna blink first? Who’s gonna legalize anyway? The U.S. has got to be the one. It’s the biggest elephant in the herd. Will the U.K. go it alone, be the first? I’m guessing going down the legalization road with another country, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, maybe dragging the French along for the ride. It’s usually the Anglo-American alliance that steers things.