Medical Marijuana Rally Protests 10-Year Prison Sentence for Monroe-Area Farmer

Medical marijuana users have long decried Michigan’s state and local police and prosecutors as unfair but Tuesday’s target was the federal government.

Two dozen marijuana advocates — including lawyers and advocates from as far as Seattle and Phoenix — gathered at noon outside the federal courthouse in downtown Detroit to protest the sentencing of Gerald Duval Jr., 53, a Monroe-area farmer who was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted last year of conspiring to manufacture more than 100 marijuana plants, manufacturing plants with an intent to distribute them and maintaining a place of distribution.

The federal charges stemmed from a raid of Duval’s farm and pot-filled greenhouses by federal officers.

“Jerry Duval and his 10-year sentence is emblematic of how the Obama administration has been undermining state medical marijuana laws,” said Brandy Zink, chair of the Michigan chapter of Americans for Safe Access.

At the moment that federal agents raided his farm, “I was 100% legal” under Michigan’s medical marijuana act, Duval told the crowd. Standing beside him was Duval’s mother Sharon Duval, holding a sign that said: “No one should go to jail for medical marijuana.”

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  1. Anonymous on

    Obama is going to sit there for the next four years and do nothing but raise the borrowing limit. He has done nothing so far and proved he is good at it. He will be remembered as a president who sat there and did nothing.

  2. gutrod on

    The state of Michigan and all other states that recognize cannabis as medicine should band together and start a class action lawsuit against the Feds. To sentence anyone to long prison sentences for growing medicine is criminal. All in the name of religious morals which dictate current our laws. The bully ism has to stop. No wonder bullying is out of control in N.A. when our governments are setting a poor example for the younger generation.

  3. Anonymous on

    Perhaps we should recognize that Mr Obamas rhetoric was simply what we all wanted to hear before he got elected.
    How much shit has he reversed himself on?
    Legalization of MM
    Closing Gitmo
    Prosecuting Wall St criminals
    Health Care Reform (not the gift wrapped tax dollars that he gave to the insurance companies)

    Fuck this President! Yeah, I voted for him, and now I see that he is just another corporate shill in our one party system posing as a two party system!

    Hope? Yeah…keep on hoping!
    Like my grandfather says…”hope in one hand and shit in the other, then see which one fills up faster!

  4. Anonymous on

    Couldn’t have said it better. Hey Barry whats it like to smoke up on the roof top? You probably still smoke Hawaiian .

  5. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    There has been speculation that Holder has to go, with Fast N Furious and now the spying on journalists. Obama is under pressure to make some cabinet changes because of Benghazi and lately the IRS scandal. The buck stops at the top, and that’s you Barry.

    Barry, I’m with you on closing Guantanamo just like I’m with you on legalizing marijuana, as least like you once were for its legalization. Now, you’re just afraid to do anything it seems, which is right where the Republicans want you. No matter what you do, they’re on you like flies on shit, and ain’t nothin’ you can do, so you might as well legalize weed by putting in a new Attorney General who will call off the IRS dogs and DEA dogs in states that do their own regulating of medical, recreational, industrial or any combination of cannabis. You know once you do that other states will implement their paper plans and turn them into actual brick and mortar jobs. Other states will jump on the cannabis money train.

    Barry, Barry, Barry. You know, sometimes I just get tired of sticking up for you. We’re your base. It’s about time you did something for us. Duval doesn’t deserve this. Make it right!