Special-Ed Kid Forced to Snitch in Drug Sting, Now Facing Threats

A school official in California instructed a special-ed student to act like he wanted to buy marijuana in order to implement a drug bust on school grounds–despite the objections of the student’s parents. That accusation was lodged at a Temecula, California middle school assistant principal in a claim filed in the school district early this month.

The parents now say that due to their son’s actions, which resulted in the arrest of a 13-year-old boy on campus for selling marijuana, he has been labeled a snitch, been bullied and threatened with violence. The story was reported in the California-based Press Enterprise.

The parents filed a claim against the Temecula Valley Unified School District in early May, an action that is usually a precursor to a lawsuit. “My husband and I were just dumbfounded. How is this OK?” said the mother of the boy.

Here’s how the bust went down, according to the Press Enterprise: the assistant principal asked the special-education student to ask a fellow student for some marijuana; the assistant principal had a suspicion that the student was selling pot. The student told his parents about the request, and his parents then called the school to voice their objections. But the sting went ahead as planned. The marijuana was sold, and the school district called the police, who arrested the teenage dealer.

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  1. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    This is just another kind of cash for kids. In Pennsylvania judges were caught getting kickbacks from juvenile detention centers and drug treatment facilities. Even if there is no bribe or kickback there is still the financial incentive to get overtime, maintain or increase the size of law enforcement budgets. It’s still Kidz 4 Cash no matter how you look at it.