HempCon Medical Marijuana Convention Kicks Off in LA

Days after LA voters approved a law that limits the number of pot dispensaries in the city, HempCon, America’s biggest medical marijuana convention, kicked off in downtown Los Angeles.

The event includes exhibits from local medical marijuana dispensaries, as well presentations by attorneys and activists such as Richard Eastman, who helped start the first pot dispensary in LA in the mid 1990s.

Defense attorney Freddy Sayegh, Hempcon’s keynote speaker, said the event was scheduled months ago, before LA voters approved Measure D to limit the number of pot dispensaries in the city.

He thinks Measure D will have a negative effect.

“You’re going to see the growth of underground sales of narcotics and trafficking,” Sayegh said.

– Read the entire article at NBC Los Angeles.



  1. dietmythsandfacts on

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  2. Anonymous on

    Listen, we’re all glad that you find medical benefits from cannabis, and all use is medicinal if you understand what the word medicine actually means. But when you come on here with your narrow-minded, narcissistic twaddle trying to tell “recreational” users and the rest of the marijuana community how they ought to present themselves, you’re way over the line, embodying arrogance, judgmentalism, and ignorance all at the same time. The marijuana community is diverse, and nobody needs narrow-minded people such as yourself trying to shut down who we are. Just do whatever you can to legalize marijuana in the UK, and STFU about the rest of us, ok? Thanks.

  3. Anonymous UK on

    This article is accompanied with an unfortunate picture displaying bongs. There is a need for medical cannabis to be portrayed as serious so they should be displaying tablets, extracts, lotions and edibles NOT the party atmosphere that accompanies most of these events. There are many people who desperately need the medical benefits of cannabis but are put off by the stoner culture. I am an ex-recreational user of cannabis although I was never really part of the stoner scene except for an occasional visit to Amsterdam. I am now a medical user (after a break of 5 years) but no one believes that my use if for medical purposes. I have known people who would have really benefited from cannabis (it may have even saved their life) but were put off using it by the stereotypical image of users. This lack of separation between the two groups of users is what is stopping medical cannabis getting the acceptance needed and consequently is promoting as much suffering as prohibition (stoners – do you really want that ?). Once medical cannabis is accepted then recreational cannabis will follow but medicine must be a priority – it is morally the right thing to do and strategically the easier win in terms of law and opinion reform.