Grand Jury Slams Marin Officials Over Medical Marijuana

Let the chronically sick folks smoke some pot, for crissakes, a Marin Civil Grand Jury is urging County officials.

In a new report, titled “Medical Marijuana: Up in Smoke,” the grand jury laments the vast closure of medical marijuana facilities in the county and lambasts county and city officials for not have the backbone to support what 73 percent of Marinites voted for when the Compassionate Use Act was passed in 1996.

A Justice Department crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries in the last few years has shuttered dispensary doors across the state, leaving patients with choices of either the black market, dubious online providers or going without pot-pain relief entirely. “The county’s response to this situation has been to take a wait and see position,” reports the jury. “One supervisor stated that medical marijuana is not a priority, and a representative of the County’s Department of Health and Human Services stated that they ‘did not have a dog in this race.’”

Under the Controlled Substances Act, marijuana is considered a Schedule I narcotic, on par with heroin and ecstasy. Critics of the classification say that’s like taking a rated R movie and lumping it in with the rated X’s. Many would prefer to see it regulated along the same lines of more similar drugs as alcohol and tobacco.

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