Some Global Marijuana Marchers Opt to Stay Put

This year’s edition of Toronto’s Global Marijuana March had everything one might expect at such an event. The crowd, which massed at Queen’s Park North on Saturday afternoon before the parade headed north on University Avenue, was a mix of activists with some reasonable points to make and stoners looking for a good time. Dozens of Canadian flags, complete with marijuana leaves in place of maple leaves, flapped proudly. And when it was time for the parade to begin, roughly half of those gathered forgot to go.

Organizer Neev Tapiero said that committed legalization activists and folks looking to get stoned in the park were equally welcome at the event.

“There are several ways of describing this,” he said. “Protest, festival, protestival…we’re just out to celebrate cannabis culture.”

He added that the mission of the march is to spread awareness of the benefits of marijuana and the need for legal reform.

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