Eric Holder Protested In Berkeley for Marijuana Policies

Several dozen pro-marijuana protesters swarmed U.C. Berkeley’s campus Saturday to protest the visit of Attorney General Eric Holder, on hand to address the graduating law school class.

Meanwhile, an airplane circled above the school’s Greek Theater for more than two hours, flying a banner that read, “Holder: End Rx Cannabis War #Peace4Patients.” As Holder’s limousine turned toward the ceremony, demonstrators waved signs declaring, “Fight Crime, Not Cannabis.”

“There’s no doubt we got the A.G.’s attention,” Dale Gieringer, president of the California chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, told The Huffington Post. “He can’t come to Berkeley and not be reminded of his department’s bad faith with respect to medical marijuana.”

In recent years, marijuana advocates have harshly criticized Holder and the Obama administration for the increased federal crackdown on the state’s flourishing medical cannabis industry.

– Read the entire article in The Huffington Post.



  1. jammerk65 on

    this guy is a grade a piece of what comes out of my behind!

  2. gstlab3 on

    I agree this sounds like a good idea.,
    use a smarter bigger badder tax lawyer to write a bang up job of a new tax law.
    That will certainly work and make the anti weed people go crazy.,
    a beautifull thing in my humble opinion.

  3. Mrs. RatsRectum on

    Here you go. Take advantage of the support among Republicans to get the IRS off the backs of non-profits, such as organizations that have been in the news lately because they had tea party or conservative or some other language about wanting to educate the public about the Constitution of the U.S.

    This is the cannabis community’s chance to try to get legislation through Congress that will get the IRS off the backs of the non-profit cannabis clubs in California by having the language worded in such a way that it offers protection from harassment by the IRS of the right-wing non-profits such as tea party groups yet whose language also provides cover for the California cannabis community. Hopefully, the prohibitionists won’t know what hit them until the courts use this proposed law to strike down convictions and proceedings against non-profit cannabis clubs and providers of medical marijuana in California and other states. As for the tea party groups, the have a constitutional right to get their messages out, which does’t appeal to a majority of the public anyway, so they only wind up exposing narrow-minded politicians and the pitfalls of their policies, which in the long run will lead to their ruin, which in turn is great so we can get them out of office in favor of more responsive conservatives when it comes to cannabis.

    Please see what you can do.