LA City Voters Could Dramatically Reduce Access to Medical Marijuana

Los Angeles city voters will choose between three medical marijuana measures on the May 21 ballot. At stake is the fate of hundreds of marijuana dispensaries.

A Studio City strip mall is home to the Perennial Wellness Center. You wouldn’t know it’s a medical marijuana dispensary, except for the telltale green cross and opaque windows. Inside, owner Sam Humeid shows off his array of products.

“We have a shelf full of edibles,” he said. “Everything from teas and honey sticks to full strength brownies and peppermint patties.”

When one of his regular customers walks in, Humeid warmly greets him. Kevin Kipnis, 49, prefers marijuana to codeine or anything stronger for the back pain he suffers as a result of a car accident.

“Usually a couple hits in the morning, couple hits at night, and I’m pretty good,” he said.

You’d think he would know all about the medical marijuana measures on the L.A. city ballot. You’d be wrong. “Its confusing. It really is,” said Kipnis.

– Read the entire article at Southern Californa Public Radio.



  1. Gimpy on

    With furor Harper, democracy truly is a myth.

    10-15 years ago it was vice versa on weed. What a shame.

    Oct. 2015 Can’t wait!!

  2. gutrod on

    At the worst, the fate of dispensaries is in the hands of a democratic process. Imagine democracy like that in Canada.
    If there was a National referendum on Cannabis prohibition right here in Canada I’m sure that Harper, Toew’s and company would look like the human rights abusers that they are. Our so called democracy does not protect the rights of all of her citizens.