Yes, People Are Giving Their Pets Medical Marijuana

Is it ever a good idea to get your dog or cat stoned? California veterinarian Doug Kramer says the answer depends on whether your pet could be classified as a medical marijuana patient.

“I do think there are therapeutic benefits to it,” says Kramer, who some years ago found that his homemade pot tinctures helped his own dog, a husky named Nikita, fight pain and regain her appetite after she came down with cancer.

Despite the spread of medical pot laws around the country, marijuana still remains taboo within the veterinary establishment; its medical journals won’t publish anything about it, and Kramer is one of the few veterinarians even willing to discuss using medical marijuana for pets. He points out that a slew of medical studies on the effects of pot have relied on rats and dogs as substitutes for humans, suggesting that “mammals have the same cannabinoid receptors as humans do” and “would benefit in the same ways.”

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  1. Anonymous on

    NO article on this topic is either complete or legitimate without some treaty pertaining to the current state of veterinary drug culture. I say culture, because it seems increasingly loath to consider the pharmaceutical industry as a science. It is too corrupt. Proof of that is that they now are quite content recommending, marketing, and prescribing, supposed designer human anti psychotics and anti depressants, which regulatory bodies like the fda now say “likely wouldn’t be passed today” due to their ineffectiveness, yet remain utterly detrimental, to pets.

    As insane as it sounds a cat can walk into a vet’s office with a sneeze or a “sad look” and walk out with a prescription for paxil, because a balanced human brain chemistry is apparently what chases the sniffles away.

    Given that that rot has taken root, it is perhaps obvious why the “professional community” would be mum on the topic of medical marijuana for pets.

  2. Anonymous on

    Right on same with my dog

  3. Greenman on

    My cat used to climb into a carboard box and wait for me to blow keef hits into the box. Then she would chill in the box for about 10 minutes and hot box. Biggest stoner cat ever.

  4. Lost in Asia on

    My cat just likes to be nearby if I’m smokin’ and my dog not only jumps around trying to “eat” the smoke, but the two times I tried growin a plant, she ate em up as soon as I noticed a nice smell coming from them…. Grrrr…. 😉

  5. Sparkky McPuff on

    I’m creating a new not for profit foundation. You want to join?

    It’s called:

    Now you can proudly call yourself a POTHEAD!

    This could really go somewhere!!

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  6. Mik on

    I have heard of many people who have completely cured their pet’s cancer using the pure essential decarboxylated resin/oil which consists of a variety of cannabinoids. I also know about a dozen people who have cured themselves with the oil extracted from cannabis.

  7. Anonymous on

    My cat has terrible arthritis. Other than that, he is just fine. Good heart, good lungs, all around, pretty good but he is getting old. I started blowing smoke at him a few years ago. Now, every night before bed, he comes to me and looks for his smoke. He knows it helps with the pain and it helps him sleep. JUST LIKE ME!! Why would my cat feel any differently? They get old and suffer pain too. But they are healthy enough otherwise. So give the pets some help. Their pain is real too. Medical Marijuana for pets: I’m all in favour.