Hockey Rink May Become Medical Marijuana Factory

Late last week in the Muskoka town of MacTier, word began spreading that councillors had quietly voted to consider a plan to shut down the local arena and allow a private company to take it over.

The proposed new business: a medical marijuana factory.

“I was caught off guard. I didn’t really believe it,” said Steven Schell, a long-time resident of the cottage town, home to about 1,000 people.

The MacTier Community Centre — a place where local couples get married, kids play hockey and seniors play cards — sits in the centre of town, directly across the street from an elementary school. The distance from one building to the other is 67 metres, according to Schell, who measured it Wednesday afternoon.

“I can throw a golf ball that far,” said the father of three, a local contractor. “When our kids are outside playing in the playground, they’d be looking across the street at a marijuana grow-op.”

Councillors for the Township of Georgian Bay voted last week in a closed-door meeting to sign a letter of intent with Mettrum Ltd. — the Ontario-based company proposing to create the factory — and begin discussions about the proposed pot production and research plant.

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  1. Gary Webbz on

    For the comments on churches, I am still enjoying Chris Bennetts book “Cannabis and the Soma Solution”. Cannabis really can save the world. It is the “tree of life”.

  2. 2buds on

    And I look forward to the day when churches are turned into outhouses.

  3. Anonymous UK on

    I am sure the regulations will mean the grow is secure and from the outside no one would ever know what is going on inside. It’s not as if it will look like those 420 photos of Vancouver !

  4. Richard Davis on

    I look forward to a day when churches and other places of religious worship are converted into legitimately run marijuana grow-ups. A real step towards heaven on earth. (and let’s never forget the manna)

  5. Dave on

    What would Schell say if it was converted into say a local coffee roaster and brew college with small research facilities?

    I mean, his kid might see people sitting around drinking coffee trying to solve the world injustices.