Drug War Takes a Staggering Toll on Mexico’s Young

President Obama is in Mexico City Thursday evening. He is meeting with Mexico’s president on trade, immigration and drug smuggling. The country is at war with drug cartels and that spills into the U.S. One border town is caught in the crossfire.

Like many people in Juarez, Maria Torres cries at all the suffering. She lost four children in five years: one strangled, two shot, one overdose.

All victims of Juarez’ deadly drug-trafficking, she said. The violence has left Torres to raise three grandchildren and a niece by herself on $10 a day.

She told them their parents are in heaven. Eight-year-old Angel was four when his mother was killed.

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  1. Paul Pot on

    The drug war is a crime against humanity and those in charge of it are fully aware they are violating human rights.
    We must do all we can to end the drug war as soon as possible and when it is over we must not fail to put the criminals responsible on trial.

  2. Mrs. RatsRectum on

    Not caring about the Mexican dead and suffering because cannabis is illegal which is where cartels are said to be getting most of their profits is tribalism at its worst. They don’t speak the same language as we do and the don’t look a lot like us, blah, blah, blah, same old horseshit that made cannabis illegali in the first place.