Mexican Government Softens Drug War Language As Cartels Spread To Europe

In an attempt to convince the public that it’s not a drug war, the Mexican government is trying to put a new linguistic spin on the country’s ongoing conflict with the nation’s drug cartels.

Government spokesmen have been told they should avoid using drug gang slang that has crept into public discourse.

“If we want to recover the streets, we first have to recover the words,” said energy department spokesman Víctór Aviles Castro.

“The drug cartels have managed to impose their terminology in the media,” he said, pointing to now commonplace terms like “picked up,” which is used for cartel kidnappings, and “blanketed” and “trunked,” which describe how a body is left — wrapped in a blanket or dumped in a car trunk.

The move drew mixed reactions Monday, a day after top Interior Department officials announced the changes at a conference of state and federal security public relations specialists over the weekend in the Pacific coast resort of Acapulco, which itself has been hit by a wave of drug-related killings.

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  1. gutrod on

    What a pile of B.S. The drug war will continue for eternity if Uncle Sam has his way. It is quite profitable but 1005 overhead to N.A. taxpayers. Terrorism takes a back seat to this silent war.