Three More States Try to Impose Pee-Tests for Public Benefits

Bills that would require recipients of public benefits such as welfare or unemployment benefits to submit to drug testing have advanced in three states. On Monday, an unemployment drug testing bill passed the Arkansas Senate. On Tuesday, a welfare drug testing bill won a Senate committee vote in North Carolina. And on Wednesday, a welfare drug testing bill passed the Texas Senate.

The Arkansas bill, Senate Bill 38, would require random, suspicionless drug testing of people receiving unemployment benefits. Those seeking unemployment would have to sign a waiver to allow for random drug testing, and they would be ineligible for benefits if they refused to sign or failed the drug test.

It passed the Republican-led Senate on a 25-5 vote and now goes to the House.

“Arkansas law states that you have to be adequately seeking employment, and by that you have to pass a drug test since so many employers require drug tests,” said bill sponsor Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson (R-District 33), who said 80% of employers in the state require drug tests. His bill was “more of an enforcement mechanism than anything else,” he added.

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  1. Bhonze on

    Those sorry Bastards in congress should be drug and alcohole tested every week! This is BS, I have been PAYING unemployment taxes for 35yrs and if I do become unemployed I have earned that unemployment so I should not have to be tested to draw. OK, If I must be tested to draw what is mine then maybe if I Smoke Weed I shouldn’t have to pay in unemployment taxes!!! What about That Shit!!! Congress sits on there fat asses taking payoffs from Big Pharma and Duponts to Keep my weed illegal and they are doing the Drugs.

  2. Jeremy on

    Every politician should be the first ones drug tested. They keep coming up with this crap,
    But are the first ones to opt themselves out.

  3. Anonymous on

    George Bush Jr tried this crap,it didnt work then,it wont work now. Can you say Nazi ???

  4. Keith K on

    Now there’s no barrier for imposing drug testing for anyone who receives a pension or Social Security payments, in other words- anyone,anywhere,everywhere, anytime. Americans are about to learn a hard lesson: It’s a lot easier to give up rights than to get them back.