BC Green Party Candidate Jodie Emery To Tour Dangerously Underfunded Vancouver Hospital

CANNABIS CULTURE – Jodie Emery, Green Party of British Columbia candidate for Vancouver West-End, will join Vancouver City Councillor Adriane Carr for an in-depth tour of St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver at 8:30 AM on Monday, April 8.

“The government of British Columbia has made many commitments but failed so far to follow through on the support it promised to St. Paul’s Hospital, and the citizens of Vancouver are suffering because of it,” Emery said. “I’m honoured to be taking this tour to learn first-hand about the needs of hospital staff and to find out what can be done to improve the quality of service delivered to patients.”

Emery, a well-known marijuana legalization advocate and wife of imprisoned political activist Marc Emery, recently launched her campaign for MLA in the riding of Vancouver West-End with a commitment to “justice, peace and honest government.”

St. Paul’s Hospital, one of the largest health care facilities in the province of British Columbia, was originally constructed in 1894 and is long overdue for a structural overhaul and renewal. Hospital administrators have waiting years for the implementation of a redevelopment plan, which includes vital renovations to century-old buildings that have failed government safety evaluations.

“It’s a shame that tax dollars are not being used efficiently in making these much-needed improvements to one of Vancouver’s most important institutions, ” Emery said. “Instead, the BC Liberal Party has broken one promise after another and left the hospital itself on life support.”

The Green Party of BC promises in its Green Book 2013 to reform the governance of provincially funded heath services to create more effective and responsive provincial health care programs, in part by appointing a health ombudsperson to investigate and resolve complaints.

Jodie Emery was the Green Party of British Columbia’s candidate for Vancouver-Fraserview in the 2009 provincial election and received nearly 5% of the vote. Her campaign focused on addressing gang violence by ending drug prohibition, calling for better law enforcement oversight and accountability, and improving government transparency.

Adriane Carr was elected to Vancouver City Council in 2011. A well-know leader in environmental conservation and Green politics, she co-founded the BC Green Party in 1983 and was party leader from 2000 to 2006.

Find out more about Jodie Emery’s campaign at JodieForMLA.ca or visit the Green Party of BC’s website at greenparty.bc.ca



  1. Paul Pot on

    Your campaign is so perfect.
    Whenever there is a social project that is underfunded and someone says how do you propose to fund it, all you have to say is “end the drug war”. There is billions going to waste that could easily have a better use.
    And hospitals will have access to cheap effective drugs, further reducing costs.
    Congrats on being a candidate.
    You are on the winning side.
    The people who would stand on a platform to end prohibition are the most likely people to give us honest accountable government.

  2. CanadianGiant on

    You sure have done a lot in your young 28 years Jodie.I,m over 50, and just getting started , with protesting. (Harper)
    Marc will be home one day . I just wish that day was now.Peace.

  3. Jodie on

    Since childhood I’ve always cared about the environment, read books and watched TV shows about pollution and saving the planet, grew up with a father who taught students about nature and the outdoors at McQueen Park by my hometown Kamloops, and I would even form clubs to raise money for WWF and other groups. I was raised outdoors a lot and still love nature, but in my adulthood I’ve chosen to live a city lifestyle – and of course, my career has been in drug policy reform and the last three years have been with my husband imprisoned, so I haven’t had any time (I’m only 28!) to dedicate to experience in environmental activism. However, if you review my Twitter feed you’ll see that the protection of the environment has always been featured as one of my main concerns, along with issues related to war, policing, jobs, health care, governance, and more. Thank you for considering supporting my campaign!

  4. CanadianGiant on

    Jodie is so compassionate towards people.Thank you Jodie and your staff for being so supportive, in my own fight against the Harper government, and the pricks who seized my family home, for growing my own medicine.I won,t give up my fight, ever.Free Marc Emery.

  5. Anonymous on

    Jodie is a beautiful candidate in every way. The major political parties are all sold out to the corporate forces that are raping Canada’s environment. I urge Jodie to understand that as important as ending the drug war is, that the rape of the environment is an even bigger tragedy because eventually it will destroy Canada, and the world’s atmosphere. It is not enough to be only for marijuana legalization. One has to embrace the entire Green agenda, not just the anti-drug war part. If she does that, I will work to help her get elected, and contribute money to her campaign.