BC Medical Cannabis Partners Urge Support For Provincial Marijuana Program

CANNABIS CULTURE – On the eve of a provincial election, The BC Medical Cannabis Partners are urging citizens to support a provincial medical marijuana program.

The non-profit organization is presently polling all MLA’s and provincial election candidates before the May 14 vote.

“Let them know you want a better health system,” Partners Director Joy Davies said. “Your voice can change the direction of health care in this country.”

Davies urges readers to write their MLAs and ask for their position on a provincial medical cannabis program. She says a message must be sent to all candidates in each riding that, “it’s time for government to stop abusing its most vulnerable people: the sick and the weak.”

This February, the Partners sent every MLA a proposal for a provincial program asking them to step up to the plate and fight for the lives of their constituents.

“Some MLA’s are listening,” Davies said. “Privately, many MLAs have expressed their strong support, but none have even requested that an exploratory committee be struck to further the idea.

Davies said BC opened the door to such a program with the precedent setting Insite supervised injection site, which she said has saved many lives.

The BC Medical Cannabis Partners (a chapter of the Canadian Medical Cannabis Partners) is a non-profit organization of volunteer patients and caregivers who have been lobbying our provincial government to strike a task force to set parameters for a provincial medical cannabis program under Section 56 of the CDSA (Controlled Drugs & Substance Act).

The proposal is designed to start a process that will develop a system that puts the needs of patients first while meeting the needs of government; and will eliminate our patients, citizens, police, and fire department staff from being placed in dangerous situations due to the criminalization of this medicinal plant. Of course, removing cannabis from prohibition would resolve the criminal activity issues as it would no longer be profitable for criminals to be involved.

Check out the incredible results in Portugal after 10 years of anti-prohibition: lower crime rates, lower drug use, including a significant drop in drug use amongst youths, and medical treatment for addicts instead of criminalization. Unfortunately, these policies are not likely to be adopted in our country anytime soon. I would love to be proven wrong on that point. In the meantime, let’s find a way to remove our most vulnerable from harm’s way, provide education to both doctors and citizens, reduce our health care budgets and give people a better quality of life.

In a 2010 meeting of the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, and in a 2011 meeting of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, our municipal leaders endorsed a resolution to “Decentralize the MMAR (Medical Marihuana Access Regulations) program into the province(s).” A truly compassionate decision from municipal politicians across Canada. A proposal was written and submitted to the BC and federal Ministries of Health but there has been no action from either. Health Canada’s newly proposed program is worse than the existing one and our Premier and Minster of Health continue to defer to the federal government. We are happy to provide the full proposal to those interested.

Do you know that cannabis leaves, juiced through a wheatgrass juicer, is incredible medicine and delivers no euphoric high? New Science! But due to the attitude of governments that discourage research, this fact is only now being discovered. This harmless plant has been lied about and propagandized for so many years that most believe the lies to be truth.

Cannabis was listed in the doctor’s pharmacopeia from 1850 to 1943. Since it was removed and pharmaceuticals included, western doctors lost their education in the power of the cannabis plant. There are over 20,000 peer-reviewed studies on the benefits of cannabis. Help us promote the truth about medical cannabis.

Joy Davies is Director of The BC Medical Cannabis Partners and a former city councillor in Grand Forks, British Columbia. Contact her for more information at [email protected].



  1. Joy Davies on

    Thanks for your encouragement Phil. We also hope that if we can get the door opened a little then others will be able to widen it.

  2. Joy Davies on

    Hi… we are active in 6 provinces now under the umbrella of the “Canadian Medical Cannabis Partners. We are patients and care givers who volunteer to be part of the solution. As far as I know none of our volunteers are profiting from cannabis. In fact, most of us have sent money out of our own pockets. We are not funded by anyone or any organization. So far we have patients and caregivers working with the provincial politicians in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. If you would like their contact information please email me at [email protected]. If you are from another province and are willing to join us.. again… just email me. Here in BC we have a provincial election on May 14. Our BC chapter is writing articles to encourage people to engage their candidates in the discussion and ask them to support a provincial medical cannabis model. Legalization is a long way off in Canada.. right?? We want to remove our weakest and most vulnerable from the ongoing abuse of government systems, law enforcement,etc. We believe this can be done. That being said.. citizens must become engaged in the process. If we gain any ground here in BC it will benefit the whole country.

  3. Phil on

    I believe the majority of Canadian people want it legalized.If BC SUCCEEDS it will open possibles and dialogue amongst the provinces where the legalization is possible.

  4. AnonymousMickey on

    By legalizing cannibus and making it lawful for people that need it for suppressing pain and legalizing it across the board for all it will eliminate the underworld and the criminal element. Thus making it profitable for the gov’t to tax same and no different than when we had prohobition in the states. Look what happend then. This is the same thing that is now happening with canibus.

  5. Anonymous on

    Do the people in BC think they are the only people in the country who need marijuana for medical purposes?!?

    If marijuana helps people in pain and with debilitating illnesses such as cancer, does this only apply to people in BC?!?

    In Ontario, none of the doctors will prescribe marijuana. The nurse practitioners are not even authorized to prescribe it.

    Go ahead – make a fuss – please. As long as you realize that the folks in BC have it much easier than Canadians in any other province.

    In fact, this begs the question: WHO in BC is actually making the fuss. The people who need marijuana or the people who make a huge profit from selling it.