Medical Marijuana & Crohn’s Disease – Getting Your Doctor to Sign Health Canada’s Paperwork

CANNABIS CULTURE – The best advice I can give is — don’t give up! Ever! It took me years to wear my doctor down but every time one of us Crohn’s patients does this, there is another doctor who has signed and another Crohn’s patient will an easier time in the future.

First of all, bring in the Health Canada forms to your doctor. You have no chance of getting signed if you don’t bring in the paper work. Ask him to sign with it in your hands or on his desk. Here are the links to everything you need to print off from Health Canada’s website. You also need to get two passport style photos for your doctor to sign as part of your application. Bring all of this in.

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Now, when you get signed, which you will in time, make sure when you send all of this in to Health Canada you get a tracking number.

In addition to the studies I am about to post links to, it is important to bring in a list of the symptoms you find marijuana helps to ease. This is good for your records and your doctors. I also find it helpful to bring a family member. When I finally got signed my Dad was sitting beside me. It helps to have support and witnesses to the process.

Your doctor might say there is an addiction risk, tell him a retired addictions counsellor (me) told you the risks are minimal in comparison to the benefits and are nothing compared to the risk of addiction to commonly prescribed painkillers. Your doctor might say smoking is bad for you. Tell him you will be using a vapourizer which eliminates all carcinogens as there is no smoke inhalation involved in this method.

Here are some studies you can print off to help support your case:

Cannabis Alleviates Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease

Treatment of Crohn’s Disease with Cannabis

If you have any problems after getting signed after all this, contact myself at [email protected] or People Advocating Cannabis Education. They helped me get signed and I now volunteer with them.

Best Wishes!

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    : I Paid Just Over $500.00 for my ATP because my doctor would not sign, but I meet the criteria of the MMAR program through any Physician. Until all Physician are mandated to accept there patients needs over there own (ignorance}in brackets because tests are done, research is in, Guess What? Cannabis IS MEDICALLY BENIFICAL. .
    } To all Doctors & Politicians go to :// then click on Cannabis Videos-Updated Daily, Here you find information videos on everything from Dispensaries and how they work to Accredited Doctors explaining the usages, effects, side effects of Cannabis. Look further into this site and you will find studies, research modals and findings. Or if you choose just search Google and you will find all the necessary information you will need including Prescriptions and Dosages per day. Please Do Not say there is not enough Research or Studies for you or your patients to make a honest responsible choice for Cannabis as a medical treatment if the prognosis is warranted.