Marc Emery: BC Liberals and NDP Show Their Cowardice on Marijuana Prohibition

The B.C. Marijuana Party fielded a full slate of 79 candidates in the 2001 B.C. provincial election and 45 candidates in the 2005 provincial election to advocate the normalization (legalization) and regulated sale and production of marijuana and its derivatives.

In 2009 we endorsed the B.C. Green Party, still the only mainstream party to have legalization of cannabis as official party policy. In this election, the BCMP will be running two candidates, enough to maintain the official party registration with Elections B.C., but in this election I regard the B.C. Green Party as the party to support if you wish to end prohibition at the provincial level.

My wife, Jodie Emery, Canada’s most prominent spokesperson for ending marijuana prohibition, is running as the B.C. Green Party candidate in Vancouver-West End.

As leader of the B.C. Marijuana Party, I endorse the Sensible B.C. marijuana decriminalization campaign by Dana Larsen to gather 400,000 signatures this autumn to put a referendum before the voters of British Columbia to end all arrests and public expenditures on marijuana possession offenses.

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