California City Bans Outdoor Medical Marijuana Growing

Medical marijuana patients, caregivers and other Concord residents growing the plant in their yards will soon have to take the herbs inside.

The Concord City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to ban all marijuana cultivation outdoors after about four months of discussion and debate.

The ordinance amends the city’s development code to prohibit all marijuana growing outside, even for medicinal purposes.

The vote came after about a dozen residents, including some who identified as medical marijuana patients, voiced their opposition to the ban, according to City Attorney Mark Coon.

Coon said he believes the ordinance is a compromise protecting the rights of homeowners who do not want to smell marijuana on their property and the rights of medical marijuana users, who can still grow pot indoors.

“I think the council struggled with the decision because it’s difficult to find a middle ground,” he said. “I think the council sincerely wants to protect the rights of medical marijuana patients and the rights of the general public who don’t use medical marijuana.”

– Read the entire article in CBS San Francisco.



  1. Anonymous on

    If people grow idoors without a carbon scrubber or another odor eliminatng method the fresh air from the grow room is going to be pumped to the neighbors anyway… (and is might smell a danker as well haha)

  2. Anonymous on

    what part of socal are you at ?

  3. Anonymous on

    The right not to have “smells” on your properties?

    That’s patently absurd. There is NO such “right”, and these fucking corrupted buffoons can’t even distinguish between “smells” and “odors”.

    Just keep letting them make up these bullshit “rights” and they’ll use them to justify their every transgressions upon your real actual rights.

    This is a make believe problem used to justify their oppression and it should be fought, ridiculed, and ignored. This is a welfare handout to the private prison industry.

    More so, it’s a gift to the corporate marijuana industry that government are attempting to birth, which can only exist with your complete oppression. That’s not free, it’s not legal, and it’s not an “advancement” that “forwards the argument”. It’s prohibition with a new wrapper enshrouded in the status quo of total corruption.

    What happens if you grow a plant in your garden anyway? Don’t let them lull you to sleep with bs talk of concern for balancing your rights after they’ve just finished a new round of trampling them.

    Californians love saying how legal it is there…. as it is increasingly less so.

    Wait until pot tv and CC champions DUID for advancing their freedoms.

  4. Anonymous on

    I faced some of this in So. Cal.
    Police raided my grow and not only said they were going to arrest me.. I violated City ordinance Laws..
    Fact was the City had no laws at all. Police took everything and then left..No arrest.. No ticket was given.. Nothing but a warning that I was under investigation by the DA for the next 3years.. All because I grew my MMJ in my Backyard.. Following state Guidelines to the Letter did not make any difference in my favor other than not being charge Federally…
    Many Cities use the excuse that any violation of Federal law also violates Local Ordinance Laws also… Its a way they can pull the stunt they did to me without accountability..

  5. Anonymouse on

    Just wanted to add that growing indoors does nothing to sequester the odor of cannabis. Once they start to flower the entire property is going to smell wonderful even if they keep all of the doors and windows shut.

    Can’t wait till this early period of cannabis legalization is over with…

  6. Anonymouse on

    Build a small greenhouse. What constitutes indoor or outdoor? A small shed with a glass roof is technically indoors.

    They are concerned that people do not want to smell marijuana from their neighbor’s plants. Do they have the same problem with paint fumes, barbecue smoke, other flowers, pet feces, and other odors?

    As legalization continues to spread throughout America, you hear about these asinine acts from city council members that beg to question the intellect of some of these public servants. Do they realize the electrical requirements (risks of fire from HID) for indoor cannabis cultivation.

    San Diego residents should buy some industrial hemp seeds and overgrow the city council. Plant the seeds in every park, near wetlands and irrigation canals. When they can no longer keep up with the proliferation of hemp there will no longer be a odor issue.

  7. PurpFumez on

    So all the good that comes to the environment from growing plants outdoors will be reversed and forced to add to cause of global warming by electricity consumption (unless completely off-grid) and not only is the cost of space, equipment, electricity, and water going to come into play, but also the time it takes to setup, run, and maintain an indoor growroom. And lets not forget to the majority of society, time is money… I would like to know does “indoors” include greenhouses in this new bill/law? ifso, they would be an alternative to bringing your whole operation into your home. greenhouses are relatively simple and inexspensive to construct, and combine the best of both worlds-light from the sun, unlimited root space, and controlled environmental conditions such as wind, water, temperature, and humidity….. Just a brainstorm…..

  8. Anonymous UK on

    It is not very environmentally sound to waste all that electricity when there is free sunlight outside. Secondly my experience is that cannabis grown indoors is much more prone to lingering smells than a few plants out in the fresh air. There are no other plants restricted based on their smell (I hate the smell of roses !) – I would suggest the main source of cannabis smells outside is people smoking it !

    This is all about persecution – what’s next making medical marijuana users sit at the back of the bus ? or maybe make them wear a big leaf patch on their clothing so they can be identified (some already do this voluntarily anyway). The question really is – is it appropriate to control marijuana and it’s users by the same means that the Fascists in Nazi Germany controlled the Jews ? The answer seems to be yes.

  9. Gary Webbz on

    Hmmmm I bet the electric company is ok with this idea.

  10. kim hanna on

    what about people that can’t afford an indoor grow?
    these people will have no medicine now. What if I don’t like the smell of bus exhaust, will they ban buses for me?