Colorado Legislators Criticize Spending at Agency Overseeing Medical Marijuana

State legislators Wednesday sharply criticized the state agency overseeing Colorado’s medical-marijuana industry for spending on patio furniture, $1,000 office chairs and a vehicle fleet it didn’t need, all at a time it was struggling to fulfill its enforcement duties.

Officials with the Department of Revenue and its Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division acknowledged errors and cited steps it has taken, including stricter oversight and new leadership.

At a hearing Wednesday, the state Legislative Audit Committee completed its review of a state audit of the division by zeroing in on expenses auditors found to be unreasonable and inappropriate.

“I am speechless,” said Rep. Angela Williams, D-Denver, the committee chairwoman. “It appears there was a shopping spree.”

“Apparently,” said Sen. Steve King, R-Grand Junction, “we haven’t learned anything from $400 federal hammers.”

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  1. Anonymouse on

    If you work for a government agency and you are doing your budgeting and find out that you have a surplus, you spend it. If you do not spend it then the treasurer may cut your next monetary allocation by the amount of the surplus. A lot of time agencies will look to buy things they do not need in order to maintain their budget allocations. Unfortunately that’s how the government does things right now.

    Pathetic waste of resources.