Halifax Police Crack Down On Medical Marijuana Club

A mix of sweet incense and marijuana smoke hung like a fine Nova Scotia fog inside the Halifax Compassionate Club on March 21. Members smoking fat joints leaned on the kitchen counter talking quietly in pairs. The countertop held a fruit and veggie platter and a vaporizer, and on a table nearby sat an emptying box of Timbits.

Reporters filtered in. Two mellow dogs sniffed the newcomers. About 25 people, including club supporters and a local Liberal nomination hopeful, crammed into the room. The modest two-storey commercial building is a five-minute walk down the gravel shoulder of the road from a Porters Lake strip mall featuring an NSLC and pharmacy.

Club president Sherri Reeve, also known as marijuana activist “Four-Twenty Jes,” looked over her notes as she and club vice president Chris Enns waited for CBC to set up their camera. The coffee table at their knees held an assortment of cannabis products and edibles, including THC-infused truffles and a bowl of about 10 grams of dried cannabis.

Given the all clear, Reeve began to read from a press release.

“The Halifax Compassionate Club, Grow-Op Garden Supply and the private residence of Chris Enns were raided by the Halifax Regional Police integrated drug unit Wednesday, March 13, 2013 in Porters Lake,” Reeve read.

That afternoon, she said, 12 police officers in black and blue vans pulled into the club’s muddy parking lot on Highway 7 in Porters Lake. In fact, it was an RCMP operation, HRP chief of police Jean-Michel Blais said Wednesday.

– Read the entire article in Halifax Media Co-op.



  1. RR on

    Meanwhile back at RCMP headquarters 12 officers celebrated they’re victory while drinking shots of whisky and smoking the weed they stole from compassion club.

    the canadian gov and rcmp are soo bored and corrupt. what the hell would they do if marijuana wasn’t a concern for them.

  2. RR on

    hmmm,, thats odd of CC

  3. Anonymous on

    What this article didn’t tell people, was that a former Olympic athlete and a elementary school principal are also caught up in this mess, so are a number of good decent people.
    Up to 30 face charges, from a previous related bust a couple months ago. Why is it, that when I sent news reports to the Cannabis Culture editor, the day after this happened, they weren’t interested… THIS IS OLD NEWS…

  4. Dave on

    Real medicine begins with caring and sharing and these witches were sharing their medicine in a caring environment…Well, we can’t have that, I mean people just might get well.