National Campaign To Promote Canadian 4/20 Marijuana Rallies

CANNABIS CULTURE – Is there a 4/20 rally in your city? Want to start one? Marijuana activist millionaire Bob Erb is behind a new national campaign to promote and provide resources for 4/20 marijuana rallies across Canada.

Campaign organizers have launched 420RALLY.CA, a website where local activists can find a 4/20 rally near them or add their city to the list of rallies across Canada.

Local rally organizers can also sign up to receive free posters with local rally information on them for promotional purposes.

The number 420 is known primarily in North America as a code-word for smoking marijuana.

In 1995, activists employed by now-imprisoned Pot Prince Marc Emery decided that instead of just lighting up at 4:20 on the clock, they would start a day-long celebration of cannabis at Victory Square Park in Vancouver.

Since then, activists in over 130 cities in countries around the world have joined in on the 4/20 action.

Organizers hope the 420RALLY.CA campaign will encourage more Canadian activists to start rallies in their cities as a way to celebrate Mother Nature’s favorite plant and encourage political dissidence and personal freedom.

Earlier this year, former BC Marijuana Party candidate Bob Erb hit the jackpot with a $25-million lottery win and promised to donate some of his winnings to the marijuana legalization movement.

Sign up today or find out more information at 420RALLY.CA.



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