West Virginia Delegate Continues Push For Medical Marijuana

For the third time in as many sessions, Del. Mike Manypenny of Taylor County has introduced a bill that would allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes.

Amidst the excitement of the governor’s education reform bill being reported to the House and approved by the Education Committee this week, House Bill 2961 was introduced on the House floor Tuesday to little attention. Manypenny’s bill has been shot down in the past, but this time around he feels strongly that it’s gaining momentum.

“This year’s version has ten sponsors, including myself, as well as the updated language for all of the states that have passed legislation from the previous year’s bills. So, it just clarifies a little more. It changes a formula for how many compassion centers we can have per population. I think previous years it was one compassion center for every 200,000 people in the population,” said Manypenny.

“This year it just calls out where the Department of Human Resources would have to have five initial compassion centers implemented by the first year and six for the following year. And, then, any additional as the demand may arise for the increase in registers that apply for medical marijuana.”

The bill would also create the “Drug and Abuse Prevention Fund” to receive sales tax imposed on all sales of marijuana in West Virginia and would prevent doctors and patients from being arrested or prosecuted for making use of the drug for medical purposes.

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