Ontario Medical Marijuana User Fined for Ignoring License Restrictions

A Hanmer man who was found growing marijuana plants in his home three years ago has been fined $1,000.

“It’s a tough lesson learned, but in the future, take care if you have a (medical marijuana) licence,” Superior Court Justice Robbie Gordon told Joel Pineault on Friday. “Be mindful of the information on the licence or things are going to happen.

“I can tell you if it happens again, it won’t be as lenient and you will end up doing time.”

The fine had been suggested in a joint submission by federal prosecutor Pierre Bradley and defence lawyer Glenn Sandberg.

Pineault had originally been charged with possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking, but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of simple possession.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Sorry he broke the rules. Just because he is sick doesn’t give him the right to be above the law. Next time he’ll realize that maybe he should follow the restrictions that come with his license.

  2. Anonymous on

    Awesome, picking on the sick and crippled with pain that way. “If only they had the health necessary to fight the system, they’d likely have torn the system asunder”.

    That’s why they go after the weak. Now he’s back to big pharm. How is that not cruel and unusual punishment.