State Assemblyman Who Voted Against Medical Marijuana Busted on Pot Charge

An outspoken state assemblyman who serves on the chamber’s Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Committee — and voted against medical marijuana — has been busted for possessing pot, state police said Friday.

Assemblyman Steve Katz, 59, a conservative Republican from the Hudson Valley, was pulled over on the state Thruway for going 80 miles an hour in a 65 mph zone when a trooper detected a “slight odor” of marijuana, state police spokesman Sgt. Don Baker said.

The trooper asked Katz if there was any pot in the car – and the assemblyman said “yes” and handed over a small bag that contained less than 25 grams, Baker said.

The trooper did not see evidence that Katz was driving while impaired so he ticketed him for unlawful possession of marijuana, a noncriminal violation, and speeding — and let him drive off, Baker said. Katz was heading to Albany at the time.

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  1. Menace on

    Pretty funny that the first lady to a President who failed to rescue the embassy personnel in Benghazi presented the best picture Oscar to a film depicting the successful evacuation of embassy personnel from a hostile islamic revolution…

  2. Anonymous on

    why did you immediately jump to demonizing the democrats (which suck just as much) rather than addressing what the poster noted. That we as citizens need to stop voting for hypocrites (left or right).

    Also there is a big difference between consenual adultery and media madness and that of bills that deny liberty, freedom, and equality of rights. Troll. When you read this fellow citizens use rationalism don’t just attach to one statement or the other.



  3. Sparkky McPuff on

    Doing 15 miles an hour over the speed limit is a sign of impairment? Maybe alcohol impairment! If you was high on weed he would of been doing 50 miles an hour and think he was going 80!!!!

  4. Dave on

    Do they Drive 55 in Bengazi?

  5. Anonymous on

    Karma’s a bitch. Electoral reform is a must. These slimy little pricks have to be voted out of office and replaced with progressives (or at least conservatives that will vote 420 into legality)

  6. Anonymous on

    Karma’s a bitch. Electoral reform is a must. These slimy little pricks have to be voted out of office and replaced with progressives (or at least conservatives that will vote 420 into legality)

  7. Menace on

    stuck a cigar in da twat of a young woman in da Oval Office .
    then everyone shifted their charm from him toward his evil wife who allowed four Americans
    to die in Bengazi last year. what a shame

  8. Anonymous on

    Has anyone else noticed that all these super staunch conservatives

    Are either having gay sex

    Are doing drugs

    Or having their mistresses get abortions….

    It’s okay when it’s for you – but for the rest of us. We should go to the prison.

    Stop voting for these people, seriously 😛

  9. Dirty Harry on

    Anyone notice a lot of politicians who are against marijuana sometimes get caught for using it? WTF? Do they think it is a substance for royalty and not the common people? Just like people on boards fighting for stricter drunk driving laws, until they get caught driving drunk themselves. What a bunch of hipicrits.

  10. gutrod on

    He should flogged in public.
    Freakin Conservative anti-prohibition hypocrite. I guess pot really is mainstream when cement heads like him are indulging in the sweat leaf. LoL!!!!

  11. Anonymous on

    Mayor Bloomberg address about a month ago, if your found with a small amount of weed you will get a ticket and will have to appear in court. You dont have to stay over night in jail anymore but they are suppose to take you to the precent to see if you got any outstanding warrants.

  12. Anonymous on

    way too easy, everyone else gets a dui but the stinking two faced politician gets off easy.

  13. my12plants on

    “small bag of 25 ounces”!!! 16 ounces in a pound…hahaha, maybe 25 GRAMS…(just under an ounce)

  14. Anonymous UK on

    Speeding 15 mph over the limit and the smell of pot should in incur more than a simple ticket. Even in a perfect world he should undergo some kind of impairment test. More interesting I would love to hear how this guys explains the pot in his possession. Will he now switch sides ?

  15. mad matt on

    Assembly hypocrite Steve Katz can be reached at the following numbers to express your displeasure.

    518-455-5783 – Albany Office
    845-628-3781 – Mahopac Office

  16. mad matt on

    Standard fare for hypocritical politicians. Its OK for him, but fuck the sick and dying, right? Just puts that ole urge back in me…

  17. Haxes on

    25 ounces is over 1.5 POUNDS. That is not a small bag. Someone needs to fix that asap, because that’s a pretty large amount of pot. I assume it was less than 25 GRAMS or even less than 2.5 grams, but it was definitely not ounces.

  18. Dave on

    Nice to see 25 ounces is a small bag. What happen to Drive 55? Somebody wake me up when prohibition is over.

  19. Everybodhi on

    I was pulled here for a light missing on my tag, although there were three lights working lighting up my tag, one was burned out. The cop smelled marijuania, I had to get a blood test and was charged with driving while intoxicated.
    This guy got off easy.