Ontario Residents Arrested After Investigation of Medical Marijuana Grow-Op

Twelve Hamilton residents were arrested Thursday morning for what RCMP is calling “egregious exploitation” of Canada’s medical marijuana regulations.

Police say a profitable marijuana grow-op was disguised as a medical marijuana operation that had licences to cultivate plants for other people.

“Our allegations are they abused the MMAR [Health Canada’s Medical Marihuana Access Regulations system] and, through other planning, developed access to licences to profit from the marijuana,” said Inspector Steve Martin of the RCMP.

The operation was uncovered as part of an 18-month investigation that included undercover officers embedded in organized crime groups.

The RCMP and Hamilton Police said they have arrested four members of the same family, the Gravelles, as well as their lawyer and other co-accused.

According to police, licences for medical marijuana production were obtained fraudulently. They allege that a distribution network extended as far east as Newfoundland.

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