Ontario Residents Arrested After Investigation of Medical Marijuana Grow-Op

Twelve Hamilton residents were arrested Thursday morning for what RCMP is calling “egregious exploitation” of Canada’s medical marijuana regulations.

Police say a profitable marijuana grow-op was disguised as a medical marijuana operation that had licences to cultivate plants for other people.

“Our allegations are they abused the MMAR [Health Canada’s Medical Marihuana Access Regulations system] and, through other planning, developed access to licences to profit from the marijuana,” said Inspector Steve Martin of the RCMP.

The operation was uncovered as part of an 18-month investigation that included undercover officers embedded in organized crime groups.

The RCMP and Hamilton Police said they have arrested four members of the same family, the Gravelles, as well as their lawyer and other co-accused.

According to police, licences for medical marijuana production were obtained fraudulently. They allege that a distribution network extended as far east as Newfoundland.

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  1. awesomesound on

    May I put the correct slant:
    The Illegal Growers are supplying me indirectly since I am a MMAR patient and I am serviced by a Compassion Club which has been held in a gray area for 12 years, Health Canada Has and still is mismanaging a critical medication, People that are on this program are ill, since the 1 strain that Health Canada has (a Sativa) good for Depression not so good for chronic pain, patients are forced to get the right medication from underground sources. The Harper Government wants Cannabis crushed down and reproduced by synthetics, and mass produced in a blue pill totally destroying a plant that has been a main source of medicine for 3000 years.

  2. therankandfile on

    What a waste of tax payers money. But the idealogues do not care its not their money. If this or any of government thinks that the weed gennie is going back in the bottle they are dillusional. Please take this out of the hands of organized crime et el and REGULATE IT NOW!

  3. CanadianGiant on

    This is a copy of a story i just saw on the Toronto 680 news website.No wonder we hate cops.
    TORONTO, Ont. – A judge has acquitted a Toronto Drug Squad constable of assault after an incident seven years ago.

    Constable Gerrard Arula-Nandam was accused of assault causing bodily harms and uttering threats against 29-year-old Shayne Fisher.

    Fisher testified he suffered a fractured rib, perforated eardrum and swollen eye when seven officers executed a search warrant at a friend’s house.

    The judge said difficulties with the Crown case left enough reasonable doubt to Arula-Nandam’s guilt that an acquittal was in order.

    She was, however, concerned with what she called the drug squad’s behaviour and lack of truthfulness

  4. gutrod on

    If there wasn’t such a huge demand for recreational and medicinal marijuana these people wouldn’t have been involved in cultivation for profit in our capitalist society. Can that many millions of users be wrong in Canada, America and the whole world. Time to bring the bullies and their ideology down. They have had their minority way for way too long.

  5. Anonymous on

    YOU’RE missing the point! The ONLY reason there’s any value to it is because it’s illegal!

  6. Anonymous on

    I really hope that’s not a pic of the actual pot they were selling that crap looks NASTY!!!!
    By the looks of the plants in the trailer it probable is GROSS!!!

  7. Anonymous UK on

    Just another example that prohibition and persecution does not stop people using cannabis. This minority of citizens who do use it is quite large and any attempt to criminalize a significant portion of your population will never work. There is a disproportionate amount of effort required for a minimal reduction in users. So either they try much, much harder or give it up and adopt a different approach

  8. Anonymous on

    They charged the dudes lawyer, wow. New offensive in an all out last stab at the war on pot.
    This is the same ‘gang’ they tried to link to Dr.Kamermans (who just got his medical license pulled last week).

  9. Anonymous on

    You are missing he point….this family is notorious in the Hamilton area and it is not for medicine. They ruin it for the real medical cases. I support anything that disrupts criminal organizations from operating freely.

  10. Anonymous on

    So what, Who cares, just legalize the plant. 18 month tax payer investigation dollars waisted. What did “the law” do?… they found people growing dope so others can have the medicine. Oh and guess what it was an organized operation. WELL.. it has to be organized so “the law” doesn’t get them.