Medical Marijuana Bill Proposed in Florida Senate

Florida could be the next state to legalize marijuana for medicinal use.

It’s estimated seven out of 10 people polled would support a recent bill proposed in the State Senate.

Irvin Rosenfeld has been legally lighting up since 1983. He was part of a short-lived federal program that studied whether cannabis can be used to treat patients suffering from debilitating illnesses. He receives the drug from the federal government once a month.

Rosenfeld suffers from a rare disorder where tumors grow on his bones. He says he relied on a host of narcotics in his 20’s, but says the cannabis saved his life.

“I’ve not had a new tumor since I was 21, or have had an existing one grow since I was 21 and the doctors don’t know why. I do, it’s the cannabis,” says Rosenfeld.

It’s for patients like Rosenfeld that State Senator Jeff Clemens (D-Lake Worth) introduced a bill to legalize the drug in Florida.

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  1. Anonymous on

    The federal goverment is going to do everything it can to stop marijuana from being used as a medicine. String em’ up in the streets for their lies.

  2. Anonymous on

    Florida is the retirement state with many ill people. We need medical marijuana for all of the sick people who could benefit from a herb rather than a pill. If U R healthy, please vote 2 pass 4 the ill and less fortunate people in Florida.