Advocates Announce New Coalitions as Hawaii Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Passes Senate Floor Vote

As SB 472 SD2, a bill to decriminalize marijuana, was unanimously approved by the Hawaii Senate, and two bills to improve Hawaii’s medical marijuana program are poised for passage in the House, Hawaii advocates have announced the launch of two statewide coalitions to reform local marijuana laws.

Fresh Approach Hawaii is a group of local organizations, businesses and individuals active on all aspects of local marijuana law reform: informing the community and policy makers, advocating for legislative measures to legalize and decriminalize marijuana, and bills to improve Hawaii’s medical marijuana program. The group can be found on the web at, and on Twitter and Facebook.

The Medical Cannabis Coalition of Hawaii works confidentially with patients, caregivers and doctors to safely access Hawaii’s 13 year-old medical marijuana program, holds statewide meetings for the medical cannabis community, and advocates at the legislature for improvements to the program. They can be found on the web at, and on Twitter and Facebook.

Pam Lichty, President of the Drug Policy Action Group, said: “Hawaii voters want a fresh approach to marijuana laws. Our recent polling reveals that 81% of Hawaii voters support our medical marijuana program, and that 58% think that possession by adults of small amounts should not carry criminal penalty. The trend around the nation is to ditch counterproductive marijuana laws that divert law enforcement resources from addressing violent crime. With today’s action, it’s clearer than ever that Hawaii is right in step with that direction. The formation of these two coalitions creates a more formal channel for people to directly engage with these issues, and to advocate for meaningful marijuana policy reforms.”

– Read the entire article at Hawaii Reporter.



  1. Anonymouse on

    Hawaii is an isolated, backward, honorary member of the American bible belt. Hawaii is not economically self reliant (save tourism), they import everything and export little to nothing and a lot of trash to California landfills (that they are unable to burn in their garbage fueled power plants). They are poised to become a global hemp and cannabis producer (365 day growing season), but languish in religious conservative paradigm. The only reason to visit Hawaii is to realize just how fortunate you are when you return to civilization.

    The “bill” is passing because it decriminalizes possession but increases the fine. Interestingly, the majority of people that live in Hawaii are just above the poverty level. The decriminalization bill takes more money away from the people that need it most and into the hands of an inept, backward, biased state government.

    From a former Hawaii state civil servant.

  2. Anonymous on

    The state of Hawaii is a fascinating place to visit.
    But one must be considerate of the folks who live there.
    Their lawns are not be pissed upon.

  3. Empty Pockets on

    Yea! One more reason to visit the great state of Hawaii.

  4. Empty Pockets on

    Yea! One more reason to visit the great state of Hawaii.