Oakland Tries to Keep Medical Marijuana Fight Against Feds Burning

The city refuses to give up its fight against the federal government’s attempt to shut down the nation’s largest medical marijuana dispensary.

Two weeks after a federal magistrate judge ruled Oakland does not have a legal argument in the fight, Oakland filed an appeal saying the ruling was “unjust and absurd.”

Oakland is attempting to sue the U.S. Attorney’s Office over its decision last year to seek forfeiture of a building that houses Harborside Health Center. The federal government claims Harborside is conducting an illegal drug business because federal law does not allow for medical uses of marijuana.

Federal Magistrate Judge Maria-Elena James ruled in February that Oakland does not have legal standing in the case because only parties with a direct interest in a property being taken can challenge the federal government’s action.

– Read the entire article at Oakland Tribune.



  1. Anonymous on

    That happened today 85 billion in automatic cuts and congress goes on vacation.

  2. Anonymous+ on

    agreed! Americans unite and take down the goverment!

  3. jammerk65 on

    shut down the government!, not the dispensaries!